Research and Development Projects

In order to make the teaching and research to be industrially  relevant and to meet their requirements, a number of research and development  projects  have been carried out by the department. The list of these projects are given below:

Sponsored Projects

S. No. Project Title  Funding  (in Lakhs) Funding Agency  Duration  (From-To) PI &Co-PI
1 Technology Incubation and Development of Enterpreneurs (TIDE) in the Areas of Electronics & ICT – CEDI 155 Deity 2015 – Till Dr B Venkataramani Dr G Lakshminarayanan
2 Centre for SoC Design and Fabrication 188.5 Mr. Raj Shanmugaraj Alumnus – 1979 Batch 2022-2026 Dr. G. Lakshminarayanan Head   Members: Dr.P.Muthuchidambaranathan Dr.M.Bhaskar Dr.B.Rebekka Dr.R.Thilagavathy Dr.R.K.Kavitha Dr.Varun P.Gopi
3 Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) Hardware/Software Framework for Vyomnoids 49.55 Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) 2022-2025 Dr. Varun P. Gopi Dr G. Lakshminarayanan
4 Deep Learning-Based Reconfigurable and Multifunctional Nanophotonic Interconnects for Hyperscale Data Centers and 6G Backhaul Networks 25.13 CRG, SERB-DST 2022-2025 Dr. G. Thavasi Raja Dr. D. Sriram Kumar
5 Orthogonal Time Frequency Space Modulation based Index Modulation for 6G Communication Systems 16.06 SERB 2022-2024 Dr. P. Maheswaran
6 Design and development of a millimeter wave based road condition detection radar for automotive application 58 SERB 2021-2023. Dr. Sriram Kumar
7 Modeling and Simulation of Multigate In Sb/AlInSb based High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) for 5G Applications 18 SERB  2020-2023 Dr. Sriram Kumar
8 Design of Digital Signal Processor using SCL foundry 12.8 RESPOND, ISRO-STIC 2021- 2023 Dr. G. Lakshminarayanan
9 Self-Energised UAV-assisted Communications for 5G Wireless Networks 73.23 MHRD-SPARC 2019-2023 Dr.P.Muthuchidambaranathan Dr.G.Lakshminarayanan Dr.G.Thavasi Raja
10 Efficient Modulation Format Recognition and Optical Performance Monitoring for Intelligent Management of Future Optical Communication Networks 50.21 SERB, DST 2019 - 2023 Dr. R.K. Jeyachitra
11 Design and development of MIMO-GFDM systems for 5G eMBB services 20.88 SERB, DST 2019 -2023 Dr.V.Sudha
12 Design of Substrate Integrated Waveguide Band Pass Filter for Ku Band Applications 10.32 CSIR-HRDG (Extra Mural Research Division) – SRF Direct category 2021-2023                 - Dr.N.Gunavathi (Project Supervisor)
13 Performance Analysis of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces in High Altitude Platform Stations with Orthogonal Time Frequency and Space 10 SEED Grant, NIT-Trichy 2021-2023 Dr. P. Maheswaran Dr. P. Sudharsan
14 Design and Development of Low-Cost Planar Broadband Antennas 4.4 SEED Grant, NIT-Trichy 2021-2023 Dr. Hemant Kumar
15 Design and Development of Ferrite Dielectric Based Microstrip Isolator for X –Band Application 32.09 ISRO 2021-2023 Dr. S S Karthikeyan Dr N.Gunavathi
16 Design and Development of X-band & Ka-band Passive Device 16.15 ISRO- STIC 2020-2023 Dr.R.Pandeeswari Dr. S. Deivalakshmi Dr G Thavasi Raja Dr S S Karthikeyan
17 Development of Dense Deployable Massive MIMO antenna systems for 5G Wireless Communications with reduced correlation / Mutual Coupling 21.74 DST – SERB 2019-2022 Dr D Sriram kumar Dr P Gunavathi
18 Performance Analysis and Characterization of Si/ZnO Heterojunction diode as Pressure Sensor 18.30 TARE – SERB 2019-2022 Dr D Sriram Kumar
19 Design and development of a dual band RF Energy Harvester for Wireless Sensor Networks using Aerosol Jetting Technology 53.06 DST-IMPRINT 2019-2022 Dr S S Karthikeyan
20 Development of 3D printed Wearable Button Antenna for Soldier Performance Monitoring Applications 50.53 DST-IMPRINT 2019-2022 Dr S S Karthikeyan
21 Development of Efficient Traffic Monitoring Analytics & Under Vehicle Scanning Inspection System 40.0 VANDI TECHNOLOGIES PTE LIMITED SINGAPORE 2019-2022 Dr P Palanisamy Dr Varun P Gopi
22 Automated Prediction of Aizherimer’s disease from Optical Coherence Tomography Images of Retina using artificial Intelligence 19.48 SERB 2019-2022 Dr Varun P Gopi
23 Hunting representative sensors and constructing regression model between sensor outcomes using ML 19.82068 DRDO, GTRE 4-02-2021 to 3-8-2022 Dr.E.S.Gopi
24 LC Band Pass Filter for Space Technology 48.44 ISRO (Space Technology Incubation Center) 2021-2022 Dr. S S Karthikeyan Dr.N.Gunavathi
25 4D Trajectory-based Air Traffic Flow Management System using System Wide Information Management (4DADFMS) 11.5 Airport Authority of India 2020-2022 Dr. P. Palanisamy Dr. Varun P. Gopi
26 Analysis of aerial intelligent reflecting surfaces for application in 6G wireless systems 10 Shastri Indo Canadian Institute (SICI) 2020-2022 Dr.P.Sudharsan
27 Metamaterial – Based Low Profile LTCC Balanced Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna for 5G eMBB 48.6 SPARC-MHRD 2019-2021 Dr R Pandeeswari Dr V Sudha Dr S Deivalakshmi
28 Self-Energised UAV-assisted Communications for 5G Wireless Networks 73.23 SPARC-MHRD 2019-2021 Dr P Muthuchidambaranathan Dr G Lakshminarayanan Dr G Thavasi Raja
29 Adaptive Telemetry System for Launch Vehicle – demonstration of Proof of Concept 23.66 ISRO – RESPOND 2018-2021 Dr G Lakshminarayanan
30 In depth investigation on corrosion and tribological studies on expandable engine 98.84 DRDO 2018-2021 Dr G Lakshminarayanan
31 Energy efficient implementation of Multi-modular Exponential techniques for Public-key Cryptosystems 35.0 DST 2018-2021 Dr G Lakshminarayanan
32 Networked airborne base stations for disaster management 10.8 DST 15.06.2017 to 15.06.2020 Dr.P.Muthuchidambaranathan
33 Highly Compact Very Large Mode-Area Hybrid Multi-Trench Optical Fiber for High-Power Industrial Lasing Applications 20.89 SERB 2017-2020 Dr G Thavasi Raja Dr D Sriram Kumar
34 Full Duplex and Cognitive Radio Architectures for Spectrally Efficient Communications 107 UGC – UKIERI 2017-2020 Dr G Lakshminarayanan Dr B Venkataramani
35 Management of entities in a distributed NFV marketplace using Blockchain  6 INTEL 2018-2019 Dr B.Malarkodi Dr.B.Rebekka Dr N.Gunavathi
36 Special Manpower Development Program for Chips to System Design (SMDP-C2SD) 79.76 Meity 2014-2019 Dr B Venkataramani Dr M Bhaskar Dr G Lakshminarayanan
37 Design & Implementation of Digital Modules of On Chip Speech Recognition System      - Meity 2014-2019 Dr G Lakshminarayanan
38 Wireless transceiver for low data rate applications (Institute Project) - Meity 2014-2019 Dr M Bhaskar
39 Wireless System Design laboratory 60.0 FIST/DST 2012-2017 Dr G Lakshminarayanan Dr P Muthuchidambaranathan Dr B Venkataramani
40 Design & Implementation of baseband modules for wireless sensor networks 3.2 BROADCOMM FOUNDATION USA 2015-2017 Dr B Venkataramani
41 Design and Implementation of Low power analog front end modules for Wireless Sensor Networks 39.0 Deity 2012-2015 Dr B Venkataramani Dr M Bhaskar
42 Low Complexity Energy efficient Transceiver for Cognitive Radio System 34.0 UKIERI 2012-2014 Dr G Lakshminarayanan
43 Partner for the project on Rural and Remote Ubiquitous Broadband Wireless Access 34.0 UKIERI 2012-2014 Dr G Lakshminarayanan
44 Embedded systems development using Intel atom 56XX processor 3.6 Intel-Bangalore 2011-2012 Dr B Venkataramani
45 Development of signal processing systems for core temperature measurements 15.0 IGCAR, Kalpakkam 2009-2011 Dr B Venkataramani
46 Special Manpower Development Program for VLSI (SMDP-II) 109 DeitY 2006-2011 Dr B Venkataramani Dr G Lakshminarayanan
47 Design and Implementation of MB-OFDM UWB Transceiver Modules using Asynchronous Pipelining 33.5 MeitY 2008 - 2011 Dr. G. Lakshminarayanan Dr.B.Venkataramani
48 Optimization Techniques for the FPGA implementation of Software Defined Radio 19.2 DST 2006-2009 Dr B Venkataramani Dr M Bhaskar
49 SOC based target recognition system 11.64 DST 2005-2007 Dr B Venkataramani
50 RF MEMS component (Reconfigurable Antenna) 11.0 MHRD 2004-2007 Dr D Sriram Kumar Dr S Raghavan
51 Design of FPGA based Polyphase Coded Waveform Generator 2.5 LRDE, Ministry of Defence, Bangalore 2003-2004 Dr B Venkataramani
52 Design & Analysis of FPGA based wave pipelined structures for DSP applications 25.0 MeitY 2001-2003 Dr B Venkataramani
53 Setting up VLSI laboratory 6 MHRD, New Delhi 2000-2002 Dr.B.Venkataramani
54 Development of Optimal Passive Tracking Algorithms for Multiple Maneouvering Targets 9.99 Naval Research Board Govt. of India 3 Years and 6 Months (Mar 1998 - Sept. 2001)  
55 Development of Active Beam forming and Passive DOA Estimation for a Fast 9.99 Department of Electronics, Govt. Of India & Naval Science Technological Lab (NTSL), Visakapatnam 3 Years (Mar 1998 - Sept 2001)  
56 Digital library 8 AICTE, New Delhi 1998-2000 Dr.B.Venkataramani
57 Telematics Laboratory 11.00 AICTE, New Delhi 2 Years (1995-1997) Dr.B.Venkataramani
58 Sonar Echo and Signal Processor Simulators 10.00 Department of Electronics, Govt. Of India 2 Years (Oct 1992 - Dec 1994)  
59 Bearing Estimation and Source Identification using High Resolution Spectral Estimation Techniques 7.00 Department of Electronics, Govt. Of India 4 Years (May 1985 - June 1989)  

Consultancy Projects

S. No. Project Title Funding (in Lakhs) Funding Agency Duration (From-To) PI &Co-PI
1 Algorithmic Approach to Achieve Maximum Functional Coverage Using Constrained Random Verification Platform 2.7 MAXVY Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore 2020 -2022 Dr. G. Lakshminarayanan
2 Development of AI Based Weapon Logistics Module 38.00 (Earned:2.5) Ministry of Defense, Government of India 20/02/2020 to 31/12/2021 Dr. S. Devilakshmi
3 Design of FPGA-Based Polyphase coded RADAR waveform generator 2.5 Electronics and RADAR Development Establishment (LRDE) 2003-2004 Dr.B.Venkataramani
4 Analysis and Design of Coplanar Waveguide filters 7.00 AICTE 2 Years (from Dec 1999)  
5 Equalizers for Wireless Communication 0.80 Hello Soft Inc., Hyderabad One Year (July 2000 - Jul 2001)  
6 Development of Voice Activity Detection and comfort noise Generation for 7xx Audio codes 0.40 Hello Soft Inc., Hyderabad 6 Months (Nov 1999 - Mar 2000)  
7 Passive Synthetic Aperture Sonar 18.00 Naval Physical & Oceanographis Lab, Kochi 3 Years (Aug 1994 - July 1997)  
8 Sonar Signal Synthesis for Active and Passive Sonar 10.00 Naval Physical & Oceanographis Lab, Kochi 2 Years (Aug. 1992 - July 1994)  
9 Sonar System Simulation 22.55 Naval Physical & Oceanographis Lab, Kochi 3 Years (May 1989 - July 1992)