UG Section

Roles and responsibilities of UG section:

This section is specifically dedicated to managing and overseeing undergraduate programs, which are academic programs leading to a bachelor's degree. The roles and responsibilities of the UG section are:

Academic Program Management: Designing and developing undergraduate academic programs and curricula; Ensuring that programs align with accreditation standards and educational objectives; Reviewing and updating course offerings to meet industry demands and academic trends.

Admissions and Enrolment: Handling the undergraduate admissions process; Managing enrolment procedures and student registration for undergraduate courses; Providing information and assistance to prospective students regarding admission requirements and procedures

Student Advising and Support: Offering academic advising services to undergraduate students, helping them plan their course schedules and select appropriate electives or minors; Providing support services to address the academic, personal, and career-related needs of undergraduate students.

Grade Management: Overseeing the grading system and ensuring accurate recording of grades; Managing the process of reassessment and academic breaks if any.

Faculty Coordination: Collaborating with faculty members to ensure effective delivery of undergraduate courses; Coordinating faculty workload, and professional development related to undergraduate education.

Quality Assurance and Assessment: Implementing quality assurance measures to maintain high academic standards; Conducting assessments and evaluations of undergraduate programs to identify areas for improvement.

Policy Implementation: Implementing and enforcing academic policies and regulations specific to undergraduate programs; Communicating policies to students, faculty, and staff and ensuring compliance.

Records and Documentation: Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of undergraduate students, including transcripts and academic histories; Managing documentation related to program accreditation and compliance.

Communication and Outreach: Facilitating communication between the UG section, students, faculty, and other relevant departments; Engaging in outreach activities to promote undergraduate programs and attract prospective students.

Events and Activities: Organizing or supporting events, orientations, and activities aimed at enhancing the undergraduate student experience.

The UG section plays a crucial role in shaping the academic experience of undergraduate students and ensuring the smooth functioning of undergraduate programs within the broader framework of the educational institution.

Course Plan (UG)

A course plan serves as a roadmap for learners, outlining the objectives, content, and structure of a particular educational journey. It provides a systematic approach to achieving learning goals, breaking down complex subjects into manageable units and activities. A well-crafted course plan typically includes an overview of the curriculum, learning outcomes, assessment methods, and a timeline for completion. Additionally, it may incorporate various instructional strategies, resources, and technologies to enhance the learning experience. A meticulously designed course plan not only guides learners through the material but also fosters engagement, motivation, and meaningful learning outcomes.

2.Course plan format (UG)

Formats for Download (UG)

1.Student Record (pdf)
2.Declaration for Late Submission of Qualifying Examination Certificate (pdf)
3.Undertaking from the Students as per the provisions of anti-ragging verdict by the Hon'ble Supreme Court (affidavit by the student) (pdf)
4.Undertaking from the Parent as per the provisions of anti-ragging verdict by the Hon'ble Supreme Court (affidavit by parent_guardian) (pdf)
5.Possession and Use of Powered Vehicle in the Campus (Declaration form) (pdf)
7.Application for ID Card Correction and Duplicate ID Card (pdf)
8.Circular (1 Class Committee meeting) (pdf)
9.Minutes (1 Class Committee) (pdf)
10.Circular (2 Class Committee meeting) (pdf)
11.Minutes (2 Class Committee) (pdf)
12.Circular (3 Class Committee meeting) (pdf)
13.Minutes (3 Class Committee) (pdf)
14.Attendance requirement_(V Grade)_UG (pdf)
15.Revaluation Marksheet (pdf)
16.Grade Sheet (UG) (pdf)
17.Registration form for Minor courses (pdf)
18.Registration Form for B.Tech. (Honours) Courses (pdf)
19.Registration form for Reassessment (UG) (pdf)
20.Registration for Reassessment for I  II Semester Courses (pdf)
21.Gradesheet for Reassessment (UG) (pdf)
22.Claim for Reassessment (for faculty) (pdf)
23.Registration Form for Formative Assessment (pdf)
24.Grade Sheet for Formative assessment (pdf)
25.Claim for Formative Assessment (for faculty) (pdf)
26.Registration form for Summer Term Course (pdf)
27.Grade and Attendance Sheet for Summer Term Course (pdf)
28.Claim for Summer Term Course (for faculty) (pdf)
29.Application for Temporory Course Break of Programme (pdf)
30.Application for Provisional Certificate (pdf)
31.Admission Cancellation Form (pdf)
32.Course Discontinuation Form (pdf)
33.Application for readmission in the courses (pdf)
34.Form of Application For Transfer Certificate (pdf)
35.No dues Certificate (pdf)
36.Application for Obtaining Retention Certificate (pdf)
37.Top 10% in the class (pdf)
38.Course Completion Certificate (pdf)
39.Letter of Authorization (pdf)
40.Application for No Objection Certificate (pdf)
41.Request for External Examiner for Mid-Term Evaluation and End-Semester Evaluation (for Architecture only) (pdf)
42.Request for Case Study Visits / Site Study / Documentation (for Architecture only) (pdf)
43.Abstract Template_Project_UG (pdf)

Bill for TA, DA

1.Rates of remuneration, sitting fee, TA and DA (pdf)
2.Bill for TA and DA (For UG) _Comprehensive, Viva-Voce, BoS, Academic Audit, Project, Viva-Voce, Design Review  and Others (pdf)

Formats for Download (MIS)

1.Course Master Entry (UG) (pdf)
2.Course Master Entry (PG) (pdf)
3.Course Master Entry (M.Sc.) (pdf)
4.Course Master Entry (MBA) (pdf)
5.Course Master Entry (MCA) (pdf)
6.Request for Addition and deletion of courses (for Faculty) (pdf)
7.Requisition for course registration (late) for students (pdf)
8.Format for Consent of teacter (CoT) for elective courses (pdf)
9.Requisition for change of faculty for courses (pdf)
10.Requisition for change of courses MIS for Students (pdf)
11.Requisition for corrections in MIS Database For Students (pdf)
12.Requisition for late registration in MIS Partial For Students (pdf)
13.Requisition for MIS account (For Faculty) (pdf)

Formats for Download (Flexible Curriculum)

1.Academic Process (pdf)
2.Course Allotment (pdf)
3.Course Registration (pdf)
4.Requisition for Course Registration (Late) for Students (pdf)
5.Circular (1 Class Committee meeting) (pdf)
5.Minutes (1 Class Committee) (pdf)
6.Circular (2 Class Committee meeting) (pdf)
7.Minutes (2 Class Committee) (pdf)
8.Circular (3 Class Committee meeting) (pdf)
9.Minutes (3 Class Committee) (pdf)
10.Assessment Schedule (pdf)
11.Attendance Requirement (V Grade)_UG (pdf)
12.Attendance Requirement_(V Grade)_PG (pdf)
13.Registration for Reassessment (pdf)
14.Registration for Formative Assessment (pdf)
15.Formative Assessment Registration Form (pdf)

Formats (Academic Stationary Requirements)

1.Format for Requirement of Record of Attendance Book and Academic Work (pdf)
2.Format for the requirement of Answer Sheets (pdf)
3.Requisition for Hostel Accomadation (For Students / Special Purpose) (pdf)

Essential Declarations

1. Certificate of recognition of the institute
2. Migration Certificate
3. Certificate of medium of instruction
4. Certificate of CGPA to percentage conversion
5. Certificate of expected date of graduation
6. Registration Act

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