Academic Contributions

  • Details of Academic Work

  1. Curriculum Development

    •  For B.Tech. and M. Tech. CSE during 2006-09, as Chairman BoS.
    • Syllabus for Digital Electronics group subjects during 2013-2015
  2. Courses taught at Postgraduate and Undergraduate levels

    • ​UG Level:

      Advanced Computer Architecture B.Tech ( CSE) core – VII semester (avg 7.5)

      Elements of Computing ( Branch Specific Course ) B.Tech (CSE) Core – II Semester

    • PG Level:

      Parallel Computer Architecture M.Tech ( CSE) Core – I semester( avg 8.4)

      Advanced Digital design M.Tech ( CSE) – II semester(avg 8.1)

      Multi-Core Architectures & Programming Issues (Elective)

      Principles of Processor Design (Elective)

      CAD for VLSI(Elective)

      Computer System Design Lab (M.Tech. core)

  3. Other contribution(s)

    • Industry Institute Interaction Initiatives From 2006

      Company Name Activity Result


      Intel Multicore lab established jointly by INTEL and NITT with contribution of 8 computer systems and INTEL software tools ( free licenses) from INTEL and an equal number of computer systems from NITT during Feb 2009.

      B.Tech. M.Tech. projects on multicore , Ph.D. research work on multicore, Computer Architecture lab for M.Tech.


      MOU initiated during 2007-2008, for scholarships sponsored by TCS

      Scholarships for three Ph.D. students


      Lecture series on the state of the art technology in computer architecture through IBM technology Day programme during 2007-2008.

      MOU initiative for scholarship to Ph.D. students.

      Knowledge updation for B.Tech. CSE, M.Tech. CSE.

      Scholarship for two Ph.D. students.


      B.Tech. Projects for HP identified problems during 2008

      B.Tech. students benefited for project work.


      SUN-CAMPUS AMBASSADOR programme – Final year B.Tech. CSE student was selected as SUN-CAMPUS AMBASSADOR ( with Stipend) for organizing seminars/workshops on Computer Architecture related topics during 2008.

      Knowledge updation for B.Tech. CSE, M.Tech. CSE in Computer Architecture


      Development of web based content on embedded processors and applications 2012-13

      Faculty development workshop on ARM CORTEX architecture .

      Faculty in the area of embedded systems / Computer Architecture


      Free software licenses for BLUESPEC synthesis tool for advanced digital design with a focus on CPU design.

      M.Tech. lab on Advanced Digital Design, project work on Digital design.


    • Established a new lab called RISE( Reconfigurable Intelligent Systems Engineering) Lab during 2006 – 2007 using TEQIP – fund (Phase – I)

    • Microprocessor Lab and B.Tech. Lab upgraded during 2006 – 2007 using TEQIP – fund (Phase – I)

    • Donation of 25 Intel galileo boards from INTEL for M. Tech. and B. Tech. projects and lab courses.

    • Donation of Cortex ARM M3 kits under lab in a box scheme from ARM used for M. Tech. Computer System Design Lab

    • Creation of new labs - One for B.Tech, Two for M.Tech, One for Research Scholars and Two specialized labs during 2008 – 2009 at an approximate cost of Rs. 1.5 Crore .

    • Coordinated the NBA Accreditation process for M.Tech CSE during 2008 – Accreditation successfully awarded for three years.

    • Faculty mentoring initiated under TEQIP phase-I for newly recruited faculty.

    • Faculty training, Staff training workshops organized under TEQIP.

    • Finishing school program successfully conducted during 2008