Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering with its cohesive team of faculty members, offers a sound program at the UG as well as the PG levels. The curriculum is a blend of the conventional and theradical. It is updated regularly to keep up with the growing demands and the changing trends of the software industry and research laboratories. Core courses include Programming Languages, Computer Architecture,System Software, Networking Technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

State-of-the-Art computing facilities are provided by the Octagon Computer Center - Computer Support Group, our Computer Centre in the newly established Centre. They epitomize the cutting edge technology available in our college. The servers which support the LAN, also provide a Linux/Unix environment, include SUN SPARC and Silicon Graphics workstations.

Vision of the Department

  • To Produce “Creators of Innovative Technology”

Mission of the Department

  • To  impart  knowledge  in  the  state  of  art  in  Computer Science and Engineering  with relevant theoretical basis.

  • To  participate  in  design  and  development  process  in  R &  D  establishment  and industry.

  • To promote research of international quality.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Graduates are prepared to be employed in IT industries and be engaged in learning, understanding, and applying new ideas.

  • Graduates are prepared to take up Masters/Research programmes.

  • Graduates are prepared to be responsible computing professionals in their own area of interest.

Programme Outcome (PO)

  • Ability to apply mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles, and computer science theory in the modelling and design of computer based systems.

  • Ability to apply the engineering knowledge in all domains, viz., health care, banking and finance, other professions such as medical, law, etc.

  • Ability to design and conduct experiments as well as to analyze and interpret data.

  • Ability to analyze the problem, subdivide into smaller tasks with well defined interface for interaction among components, and complete within the specified time frame and financial constraints.

  • Ability to propose original ideas and solutions, culminating into a modern, easy to use tool, by a larger section of the society with longevity.

  • Ability to design, implement, and evaluate secure hardware and/or software systems with assured quality and efficiency.

  • Ability to communicate effectively the engineering solution to customers/users or peers.

  • Ability to understand contemporary issues and to get engaged in lifelong learning by independently and continually expanding knowledge and abilities.

Contact Address:

Computer Science and Engineering Department,
National Institute Of Technology
Tiruchirappalli - 620 015.

TEL: 91 431 2501801-815 Extn: 2202
FAX: 91 431 2500133