Professional Training



International  Conference on Materials, Industrial, And Manufacturing Engineering Conference (MIMEC 2017)

6-7 December 2017

Presented Paper in International conference on Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing Singapore  (Adjudged as best oral presentation )

 20-24 August 2017
  University of Washington USA for Research on Engg Education


       University of Tennesse USA for Research on Information Engg

 18-07-2010 to 19-07-2010

       University of Toledo Ohio USA for MOU followup

       15-07-2010 to 17-07-2010

 Chaired Technical Sessions and presented papers in International conference on FAIM  East Bay California USA

       12-07-2010 to 14-07-2010

        Training at AIT Bangkok, Thailand on System Management and Capaciity Improvement of Technical Education

       23-11-2008 to 30-11-2008

        Management Training "Seven Habits for Highly Effective People"  at Munnar , India

       30-09-2008 to 04-10-2008

     TEQIP Training in Industrial and Information Engineering at College of Engineering, University of Tennesse USA

      01-11-2006 to 30-11-2006

      Winter School on Soft Computing tools, Simulation and Applications

      10-01-2006 to 14-01-2006

    Staff Development Programme " Preparing for Challenges ahead" by Administrative Staff College of India

 05-01-2006 to 07-01-2006

      STTP Programme on Emerging trends in CAD/CAM Theory and Practice

20-12-2004 to 31-12-2004

      Indentification of training needs for staff and faculty

       21-07-2004 to 24-07-2004

       Assessors Workshop of NBA -AICTE @ NIT Surathkal

       08-05-2004 to 09-05-2004

       Presented Papers in National conference on Modeling and Analysis of Production systems

        22-01-2004 to 23-01-2004

       Training on CAD/CAM using Pro E Wild fire

        04-12-2003 to 08-12-2003

       ISTE AICTE Short Term course on Safety and Environment Management Emerging Trends

       09-06-2003 to 20-06-2003

       Presented paper National conference on Modelling and Simulation (MOSIM)

      15-03-2003 to 16-03-2003

       Presented paper in International conference on Operations Research and Development

        28-12-2002 to 30-12-2002

       ISTE AICTE Short Term Training programme on Modelling and Simulation

        16-12-2002 to 27-12-2002

       Customer Training VMAP packages, EDS Technologies Pvt.Ltd., Bangalore.

   21-01-2002 to 23-01- 2002

        Presented paper in National Symposium on Manufacturing Excellence, IIT Madras

        07-01-2002 to 08-01-2002

        Continuing Education Programme- Ph. D programme under QIP at IIT Madras Ph.D Completed

        01-07-1998 to 31-08-2001

        Presented paper International Conference of logistics and Supply chain management, Coimbatore, India.

06-08-2001 to 08-08-2001



        Presented paper in 19 th All India Manufacturing Technology Design and Research Conference

        14-12-2000 to 16-12-2000

    Presented paper14 th International Conference on CAR&FOF'98, Coimbatore, India and Presented a paper.

       30-11-2000 to 03-12-2000

       QIP Training Programme at IIT Madra

        15-04-1998 to 11-05-1998

       Intelligent Manufacturing System a Technology Watch

       06-02-1998 to 07-02-1998

        Customer Training Computer Aided Factory Information Systems Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

    13-01-1998 to 15-01-1998

        QIP Training Programme at IIT Madras

       28-11-1997 to 16-12-1997

        All India seminar on Information Technology for 21st Century, IE India Tiruchirappalli

        21-11-1997 to 22-11-1997

       QIP Training Programme at IIT Madras

        11-06-1997 to 27-06-1997

      Presented Paper on National Seminar on Mechatronics- Anna University Madras

     28-03-1997 to 29-03-1997

       AICTE-ISTE Seminar Industry Institute Partnership

       10-03-1997 to 15-03-1997

       National Conference-QUEST 95 DRDL India

        27-10-1995 to 28-10-1995

       Integrated manufacturing a ninth national convention of Production Engineers,IE India, BHEL iruchirappalli

  21-10-1994 to 22-10-1994

      ISTE course on Maintenance Engineering, Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering Mysore

       01-07-1992 to 14-07-1992

    ISTE  course on CNC Machines, Systems and Maintenance, Madras Institute of Technology Madras

        31-05-1992 to 13-06-1992

       ISTE  course on Advances in Maintenance Management Government Engineering College Thrissu

        04-05-1992 to 16-05-1992

        Short Term Course on Industrial Electronics IIPE and Mookambigai college of Engineering Keeranur

       18-12-1991 to 22-12-1991

      ISTE course on AI-Languages: Lisp and Prolog, Government College of Technology Coimbator

       02-12-1991 to 15-12-1991

       ISTE Short term course on Robots in Manufacturing IIT Madras

       20-05-1991 to 01-06-1991

       ISTE course on Recent Developments in Factory Automation Technology -PSG  Tech Coimbatore

      03-06-1990 to 16-06-199

       ISTE  course on Nondestructive Testing of Materials -Regional Engineering College Tiruchirappalli

     05-06-1989 to 17-06-1989

  Industrial Training at BHEL Tiruchirappalli

 23-05-88 to 23-08-1988