Selected publications of Dr. R. Justin Joseyphus

  • Positron Annihilation Studies on Chemically Synthesized FeCo Alloy, P Rajesh, S Sellaiyan, A Uedono, T Arun, RJ Joseyphus, Scientific reports 8 (2018), 9764.
  • Magnetic properties of FeCo alloy nanoparticles synthesized through instant chemical reduction, P Karipoth, A Thirumurugan, S Velaga, JM Greneche, RJ Joseyphus, Journal of Applied Physics 120 (12), 123906 (2016).
  • Magnetic properties of interacting CoPt nanoparticles synthesized through polyol process, P Karipoth, RJ Joseyphus, Materials Chemistry and Physics 154, 53-59, (2015).
  • Prussian blue modified Fe3O4 nanoparticles for Cs detoxification, T Arun, RJ Joseyphus, Journal of Materials Science 49 (20), 7014-7022, (2014).

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