B. Tech:

PH101:  Engineering Physics I

PH102: Engineering Physics II


M. Sc (Applied Physics):





The purpose of this course is to provide a framework for master students to understand at an advanced level some of the most important aspects of quantum mechanics and its applications. Relevant basics and formulation of quantum mechanics using wave mechanics approach will be introduced and used throughout the course to solve varities of problems.  The concept of angular momentum and spin will be developed in detail. The approximation methods such as perturbation and variational methods will be introduced. Making use of these methods, we will study  various exactly solvable problems.

Course duration: The above described course will be covered in 40 hrs, excluding seminor hours.

Text books:   The course will follow more closely the following text books:
   1. P.M. Mathews and K. Venkatesan, A Textbook of Quantum Mechanics, Tata McGraw-Hill (1977).

   2. J.J. Sakurai, Modern Quantum Mechanics, Addison-Wesley (1999).

   3. Linus Pauling, Introduction to Quantum mechanics, McHraw-Hill (1935).

   4. Bohm, Quantum Mechanics: Foundations and Applications, Springer-Verlag (1979).

   5. I. V. Savelyev, Fundamentals of Theoretical Physics, Vol 2, Mir Publishers, Moscow (1982).

   6. Internet sources and e-books - details will be given during the course.....


Grading Policy: 

     Grades will be awared based on the relative performance comprising of follwoing weightages:


     GRADE  EQUATION                

I cycle test               20%

II cycle test              20%

Seminar                   10%

Final sem exam         50%