Research Publications/Presentations in Conferences

Presented/Published in International Conferences

  1. Influence Of Heat Input On Corrosion Behaviour Of Flux Cored Arc Weldments In Power Plant Carbon Steel – Paper presented in Corcon-2005 International Conference on Corrosion Control organised by NACE International, India chapter held at Chennai during Nov. 28-30, 2005
  2. Temperature Weldment Corrosion In Flux Cored Arc Welded Power Plant Carbon Steel With Different Heat Input – Paper presented in OPE-2006 International Conference on Pressure Vessels and Piping organised by IGCAR Kalpakkam held at Chennai during Feb. 7-9, 2006
  3. Studies on weldment corrosion in FCA welded Power Plant 1 Cr – 0.5 Mo Steels with different heat input – Paper presented in ISRS-2006 held at Chennai during Dec 21-23, 2006


Presented/Published in National Conferences

  1. S.P.Kumaresh Babu, S.Natarajan, Corrosion Behaviour of Gas Metal Arc Weldments in Comparison with Flux Cored Arc Weldments in Power Plant Carbon Steel – Presented in NMD / ATM 2005 organised by Indian Institute of Metals held at Chennai during Nov.14-16, 2005
  2. S.P.Kumaresh Babu, S.Natarajan, “Corrosion and its inhibition in SA213-T22 TIG weldments used in power plants under neutral and alkaline environments, Abstract published in proceedings of METCORR-2005 held at NITK, Surathkal held during Oct 28-29, 2005