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Dr.S. Jerome


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112F, MME

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Academic Details

Dr. S. Jerome, currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of MME, Hejoined this department in the year of 2006. He graduated Mechanical Engineering fromCoimbatore Institute of Technology, completed his M. Tech from NIT Trichy and Ph.D.from NIT Trichy in Metallurgical Engineering.He served as a Convener of Hostels and Associate Dean (Students Welfare) during 2012-15,in those periods, he had introduced many changes and solved many issues related to studentsand employees of hostels.He had served as staff advisor of the MME students association from 2011-15, studentsconsidered him as a student friendly teacher in the campus.


Research Interests

His specialization in welding Engineering,and he has established WeldingEngineeringLaboratory. Currently he is working in the areaof Friction Stir processing, Cold metal Transfer welding and Plasma Welding.He has published over 20 research papers in International Journals and Conferences ofrepute has successfully completed 2 research projects. He is also a reviewer of reputedjournals in his field.He served as Executive committee member of IWS southern zone for 4 years andvery activemember in IWS and IIM.


Recent Publications

  1. 1. P. Muthukumar, and S. Jerome, Surface coating (Al/Cu &Al/SiC) fabricated by direct particle injection tool for friction stir processing: Evolution of phases, microstructure and mechanical properties, Surface and Coating Technology (2019) (Accepted)
  2. P. Muthukumar, S. Jerome, John Felix Kumar, S. Prakash, Fabrication of Surface Composite by Friction Stir Processing using a Novel Direct Particle Injection Tool, Surface Review and Letters (2018) 1850182. DOI: 10.1142/S0218625X18501822.
  3. P. Muthukumar and S. Jerome, Effect of Eccentricity Pin Geometry on The Fabrication of Surface Composite (6061Al-T6 /SiC) by Friction Stir Processing, International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD). DOI: 10.24247/ijmperddec201829.
  4. Anbarasan, N., Jerome, S., Arivazhagan, N., 2018. Argon and argon-hydrogen Shielding gas effects on the laves phase formation and corrosion behavior of Inconel 718 Gas Tungsten Arc Welds. J. Mater. Process. Technol. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jmatprotec.2018.07.038.
  5. Anbarasan N., Jerome,S., Suresh Gandamalla., Oyyaravelu, R., 2019. Effect of Pulse Frequency on Microstructural and Corrosion properties of Inconel 718 Gas Tungsten Arc Weldments, Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metalshttps:// doi.org/10.1007/s12666-019-01626-y (Accepted-In press).