B.E. - Semester I


Faculty Member: C.Meenakshisundaram


  • To make the students comprehend classroom lectures and simple technically oriented passages so as to ensure their class &nbsproom participation.
  • To equip them with the mechanics of writing.
  • To enable the students write structured and grammatically acceptable sentences.
  • To improve their listening and conversing skills in English.


  1. READING: Exposure to different reading techniques; Reading with a purpose; looking for specific information; comprehending the given (short and simple) passages; global and local comprehension of the given passages- Vocabulary extension methods - Active and passive vocabulary.
  2. WRITING: Activating the students partially acquired basic grammatical structures, avoiding common errors.Proper use of concord, voice, articles and modals. Introducing effective techniques- Brevity, Clarity, Objectivity and Simplicity. Introducing the principles of paragraph writing. Practice in Note-making.
  3. LISTENING: Listening to News bullitens and pre-recorded talks in the Indian accent - short and well structured tasks to be dealt in detail.
  4. SPEAKING: Conversation tasks in a given social milieu, practice in giving small talks on local topics for a minute or two.
  5. REFERENCE SKILLS: Using the Dictionary.


  1. A Practical English Grammar - A.J.Thomson & A.V.Martinet(OUP)
  2. Study Strategies in English - Sarah Freeman(Orient Longman)
  3. English Communication - Swaminathan Pillai(OUP)
  4. Written Communication in English - Sarah Freeman(Orient Longman)
  5. The Structure of Technical English - A.J.Herbert(ELBS)
  6. English thorough REading - N.S.Prabhu, S.Baskar(OUP)