Switched Mode Power Conversion Research Lab

Faculty In-Charge:

Dr. S. Senthil Kumar, Associate Professor, NIT-T

The Switched Mode Power Converters Research Laboratory was established in 2015 with financial assistance from the Ministry Of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India.  The objective is to enhance the indigenous R&D expertise and infrastructure in the country with active participation from Academic Institutions and Industries. Subsequently annual funds from the institute plan fund were utilized to maintain the laboratory. 

Areas of current research work:This lab addresses issues related to energy conservation, alternate energy systems, zero energy buildings and locomotion. This lab also focusses on topics such as Electro-magnetics, switched mode power conversion, power quality, power converters, PWM techniques and AC motor drives. Experiments and projects in this lab includes multilevel inverter topologies, control for renewable power generation systems, modelling for the design of switched mode power controllers, hybrid energy technology, wind energy system for stand-alone, grid connected applications and simulation of high current converters for heating and welding applications.

Equipments: dSPACE real time control desk (rti-1103), Solar simulator, Three phase and Single phase Semikron inverters, Digital storage oscilloscope (4 and 2 channels).

Regulated power supply (RPS), Hall effect sensors-(Voltage/Current) Lem make

DC-DC converters (Different Topologies)