Power System Automation and Control Research Lab

Name of the Faculty: Dr. Sishaj P Simon Lab: EEE ANX F22


This lab focuses on simulation of smart grid applications such as demand side management, power system planning studies, IoT based applications etc…

SI. No. Name of Equipment Purchase Year/Cost Fund Description
1 Fluke Power quality analyser (Fluke 435-II) ₹215000/- Plan Fund To analyse power quality issues
2 OptiPlex 990 Dell systems- CPU -04 Monitor -05 Keyboard -04 Mouse -04   CSG MATLAB, Auto-CAD, MS-Office
3 Supply of GSM module, Web server, Microcontroller board 2019/₹96996/- DIETY The module is designed for wireless radiation monitoring through Short Messaging Service (SMS)
4 Supply of Z-way enabled relay, Z- way server, D- Link router, Z- way Access Point 2019/₹87989. 6/- DIETY Stopping a movement in a controlled and safe manner and Z-bridge represents a bridge between general settings and communication tasks.
5 Programmable DC load (600V/75Amps) 2020-21/ ₹100000/- Plan fund An electronic load is a type of instrument that applies a voltage and sinks current.
6 FPGA Controller (2 Nos.) 2020-21/ ₹50000/- Plan fund To implement systems that can be updated when necessary, such as it is used as high- speed search
7 Single-phase IGBT base Inverter 200V/15Amps (2 Nos.) 2020-21/ ₹50000/- Plan fund An IGBT inverter is an inverter built with IGBT power modules to ensure high voltage/power switching functions