Power Electronics Research Lab


Faculty In-Charge:

Dr. K.Sundareswaran, Professors HAG, NIT-T

Power electronics research laboratory established in 2009 is to design, develop and test power electronic circuits based on swarm and evolutionary computing techniques.  In particular, design and development of- dc/dc converters with intelligently designed feedback controllers for improved output voltage response, soft starters for induction motors, PWM dc/ac inverters and MPPT in PV systems. The lab houses the following major equipments:

  1. FPGA nano board 3000 with altium designer software
  2. Piggy bag Xilinx Spartan Xc3 400 FPGA module
  3. Multiple power supply PSD3304
  4. 60 MHz DSO, Dual IGBT module, Mosfet boost and buck-boost converter
  5. DSP-TMS 32f8335 kit with accessories
  6. PIC start programmer
  7. Induction motor