Advanced Power Converters Research Lab

Faculty In-Charge:

  1. Dr. Shelas Sathyan, Assistant Professor, NIT-T

The Advanced Power Converters Lab was established in 2019. The objective is to enhance the country's indigenous R&D expertise and infrastructure with active participation from Academic Institutions and Industries. Subsequently, research projects and annual funds from the institute plan fund were utilized for lab development and maintenance. 

Areas of current research work: This lab addresses issues related to High gain Resonant converters for renewable energy applications, Efficient converters for aerospace applications, Multiport and DAB converters for industrial applications, and Distributed Generation Systems. This lab also focuses on the design of high-frequency magnetic components (Inductors, Transformers, Coupled Inductors), switched-mode power conversion, soft-switched power converters, and PWM techniques implemented through C2000-supported TI development DSP kits.

Major Equipment:

Regulated DC Power Supplies, Handheld LCR meter, Single phase autotransformer, 4-channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, 4-channel Digital storage oscilloscope. C2000 supported Texas Instrument-developed DSP control boards (F28335). High-frequency voltage and current probes.