Circulars and Notices

Upcoming Conferences in IndiaNew

Diamond Jubilee Library Book Exhibition-2023 from 17-08-2023 to 19-08-2023

Librarian's Day Seminar on Information Literacy of IEEE literature in the Digital Era 09-08-2023 (Wednesday) at 10.30 AM - 01.00 PM.

Web of Science - Online Training Session 20-12-2022 (Monday) at 3.00 PM. Joining link

ProQuest Online Training - Academic Research with ProQuest Resources 19-12-2022 (Monday) at 3.00 PM. Joining link

MyLOFT Training Session: 19th Oct 2022 (Wednesday) at 2:30 PM

Online Training - IEEE English for Technical Professionals 15-09-2022 (Thursday) at 4.00 PM. Registration link

ProQuest Online Training - Academic Research with ProQuest Resources 11-08-2022 (Thursday) at 3.00 PM. Joining link

MyLOFT Remote Access user training session 07-07-2022 (Thursday) at 3.00 PM. Registration link

ACS Publication's Scientific Writing Workshop for all NITs on 23-05-2022 (Monday) at 2.30–4.00 PM. Registration link

Taylor and Francis User Training Session: 21-04-2022 (Thursday) at 3.00–4.30 PM. Registration link:

Grammarly - Online Training Session on 21-01-2022 (Friday) at 03:00 PM - Details

Current Awareness Service(Prof. S.Natarajan Collection)

Remote Access to E-Resources

ProQuest - Online Training Session on 09-11-2021 (Tuesday) at 03:30 PM - Registration Link

Webinar: Ranking Research through Scientific Literature: Modern Tools and Techniques on 12-08-2021 (Thursday)

Webinar: How to get published on 28-07-2021 (Wednesday) at 02:30 PM: To Register click here

Empanelment of Vendors for Supply of Books (Print) and other documents: Date extended to 25th June 2021

Empanelment of Vendors for Supply of Books (Print) and other documents

Webinar 27th April, 2021 at 3:00 pm Registration Link: EBSCO-Business Source Elite journals and magazines

Circular: SCOPUS and SciVal Training on 26th Feb. 2020

Circular: Book Bank Books Issue 2019

Circular: First Year PG, MS(Research) and PhD.-2019 Library Registration

Circular: UG First Year B.Tech./B.Arch.-2019 Library Registration

New Arrival: Titles (Book) added in Central Library 2019

Circular: Library Premises Usage Norms

Circular: Electronic Journal Download Limit

Circular: Library Overdue and Photocopy Charges

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Book Recommendation Form

Book Lost and Remittance Form

External Individual/ Institutional Membership Form

Student/Research Scholar New ID Card Request Form

Student/Research Scholar Application for Duplicate Identity Card

Staff ID Card Request Form

Guidelines for submission of Ph.D. Thesis

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I access library online catalogue (OPAC)?
Ans:On library webpage, click on WebOPAC link.
Q: Which library collections are open for borrowing?
Q: Which library collections are not open for borrowing?
Q: What are the borrowing facilities provided in Library?
Ans:Library is having various categories of users and is providing different borrowing facilities according the user category.
Q: Can I authorize someone to borrow and request library materials on my library account?
Ans:This facility is not available.
Q: How do I renew the books online?
Ans:This facility is not available. However you can make a call to Circualtion counter or send a request mail to
Q: Is there any limitation for renewal?
Ans:You can renew your book only single time, if there is no reservation by another user.
Q: How do I reserve book in the library?
Ans:You can reserve or hold the book by visiting Circulation Counter.
Q: What are the remedies if I lose or damage a book unintentionally?
Ans:If the book is lost, you can either replace the book with the new one or else you have to pay double of the current market price of the book + RFID Tag charges Rs500.
Q: Can I place a request for purchasing of new books?
Ans:You can place the request for purchasing new books by using Requisition Form.
Q: Whom do I contact for circulation related queries (No Dues, Lost of Book, Overdue, renewal notice, renewal request)?
Ans:Please contact Circulation Counter Tel: 0431-250-3765 or mail to and keep CC to
Q: When my library borrowing privileges will suspend?
Ans:If your borrowing limit exceeded or if your library membership expired.
Q: Can I get book from other libraries for borrowing, if it is not available in our library ?
Ans:Library is offering Inter-Library Loan facility to you for borrowing books from other participating library. To place a request you have to fill the ILL requisition form.
Q: Who can access electronic resource off campus?
Ans:All the currently affiliated Faculty, Staff, RS, Students and PDFs. Please note that the user should have an email ID which is affiliated to NITT.
Q: How eligible users can access the e-resources remotely?
Ans:Please visit the library webpage >> click on E-Resources from the left side panel. Insturctions are given in that page.
Q: How can I register for remote access?
Ans:Whoever has the OCTA uername and password they can access through INFED, others need to send an request email to for MyLOFT account creation.
Q: How do I retrieve a forgotten password for remote access?
Ans:Please click “Forget password” option to retrieve the password of MyLOFT. For OCTA password please send an email to
Q: Can I share my remote access credentials with my friends?
Ans:If you share your credentials, you will be responsible for any unauthorized use and penalties imposed by the Competent Authority.
Q: Is there a limit for downloading the content from databases?
Ans:Yes, you may print or download up to three articles or 5% from a journal issue, whichever is greater within an hour.
Q: Whom to contact if I discover that my remote access ID is compromised?
Ans:Send an email to immediately, we will reassign the credentials for MyLOFT account. For OCTA password call to CSG or send email to
Q: Does remote access facility compatible with handheld/portable devices?
Q: How do I access the databases?
Ans:Visit library webpage and select E-Resources from left panel to get the list of category-wise databases.
Q: Which databases provide information on company information?
Ans:Please visit the library website >> click on E-Resources from the left side panel and select Emerald Case Studies and ProwessIQ to get company and industry related information.
Q: How do I access the standards from the library?
Ans:Please visit the library website >> click on E-Resources from the left side panel and select Indian Standards (BIS) or ASTM Standards to get related information of standards.
Q: How to activate my Grammarly account?
Ans:Please visit the library webpage >> click on E-Resources from the left side panel. Click on Grammarly. Sign Up (Use NITT email ID only) >> After submitting signup, an activation email will be sent to the user's institutional email ID. Download MS Word Plugin from the library website (Provided under For Mac you can use Grammarly’s browser extension for Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.