Services Offered

Library Automation:

The Library functions are automated using an integrated Library Software called “LIBSYS” with the following main modules for the Library in-house operations:

  • Acquisition System
  • Cataloguing System
  • Circulation System
  • Periodicals
  • OPAC

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) Library Security Systems and Technology has been adopted in the Library functions and services.


The Online Public Access catalog allows for the access of bibliographic databases of the books, Reports, CD-ROMs and journals available in the central library. The catalog includes a word-based search facility using Boolean operators that can narrow down a search to meet very specific needs. Additional features of this catalog are:

  • Periodic list of recent additions to the library.
  • Members can find the materials checked out to them.
  • Details of the status of the Books can be accessed while browsing and searching for information.

The OPAC can be accessed by using the Intra-net facility available through LAN under the following IP address and options:

1. IP address:


Photocopying/Xerox facility (both colour and normal) is available for the users of the Library with a reasonable charge of 0.50 paise per page for Ordinary copies and Rs. 25/- per page for getting Color Xerox copies.

Special Services

  • Web OPAC Service [Online Public Access Catalog (Web OPAC) can be accessed through Intranet IP address:
  • RFID oriented automated Circulation Service
  • Bulletin Board service
  • Current awareness service
  • CD-ROM search service
  • Audio-Visual service (Educational cassettes)
  • Membership to external agencies and individuals
  • Holding British Council Library Institutional membership
  • Document Delivery Services thru’ DELNET
  • Document Delivery Service (photocopies of articles) from IITs thru’ JCCC interface for promoting research & development
  • Providing access to more than 6000 on-line e-journals through INDEST Consortia and access to more than 600 Springer & CUP e-books service
  • General and Textbooks Reading services Document Delivery Service
  • Document Delivery Services have been provided through DELNET & JCCC@INDEST consortia.