Engineer Trainees (outsourced)

Engineer Trainees engaged through the Institute

Mr. N. Senthil Kumar
(Printer Dues Calculation, Programming, Estimation of Networking requirements, Hardware Maintenance, Procurement & Software Licensing)
Formula: 0

Mr. C. Shanmugasundaram
(Horde Webmail Server Administration, Virtual Hosting, HTTPS, Linux Servers (RHEL), Fedora, Roundcube)
Formula: 2

Engineer Trainees engaged through the Hostel Office

Mr. M. Sivaraja
(Troubleshooting Connectivity issues, Signal Strength Measurement, Desktop & Laptop Maintenance)
Formula: 7

Mr. D. Saravanakumar
(CCTV Surveillance, NVR Installation, Windows Operating Systems, Live Streaming & ADS)
Formula: 9

Mr. V. Raghuraman
(Wi-Fi Controller Management and Maintenance, RADIUS Authentication in Wi-Fi)
Formula: 10

The Engineer trainees will be assigned additional roles as and when required.