Sponsored Projects

30 Exploartion of Lean tools/techniques for ensuring sustainability in automotive organisations Dr S Vinodh DST 2014-17 15.2
29 Development of Ultr Precision ELID Grinding for Micromachining Dr J Jerald DST 2012 -14                     15.6
28 Study on effect of Cryorolling AA2219 Al Alloy of FSW

Dr A Noorul Haq and Co

DRDL 2013-15 9.75
27 Thermal Barrier coating s using Laser Materials processing Dr M Duraiselvam DRDL 2013-15 9,889
26 Development of a Model for ensuring sustainable Product Design in Automotive organisation Dr S Vinodh DST 2010-13 11.9
25 DSS for measuring Agile Characteristics Dr S Vinodh CSIR 2010-13 7.5
24 Experimental Investigation and Meta Analysis of FSW of Duplex SS Joints Dr P Sathyia CSIR 2013-15 17.96
23 Structrural Integrity Evaluation Studies on High Speed Trans Shaft  LW Dr M Duraiselvam GTRE 2012-14 49.59
22 Localised Repair of Aero Engine Blade by Welding Dr M Duraiselvam GTRE 2012-13 9.9
21 Improvement of Surface Characteristics through Cryogenic Machining Dr  P Asokan and Dr V Senthil Kumar DST SERC 2013-16 21.75
20 FIST -DST HOD DST 2010-15 105.0
19 Electrical discharge alloying of Ni Wc MMC on D53 die steel for Wear resistance Dr M Duraiselvam CSIR 2011-14 18.0
Neural network based prediction of deformation, densification and workability behavior of nano TiC particles reinforced Al matrix nanocomposites Dr.V.Senthilkumar DST(FTP) 2008 14.5
Development of Models and algorithms for functional Integration in Supply chain Mr.P.Parthiban DST(FTP) 2008 10.8
Improvement of wear resistance of Ti- alloy disc brake rotor through laser surface melting Dr.-Ing.M.Duraiselvam DST(FTP) 2007 18.9
15 Comparison of hole expansion ratio, stretch flangeability, wrinkling behaviour and crash worthiness of high strength IF steel tailor welded blanks and aluminium alloy tailor welded blanks, fabricated by various welding techniques. Mr.N.L.Parthasarathi DST
2007 13.62
14 Joining of thermoplastic composite pipes Mr.K.Panneerselvam DST
2007 14.16
 13 Hybrid laser–GMAW welding, laser beam welding and gas metal arc welding of AISI 904L super austenitic stainless steel Dr.P.Sathiya DST
2007 12.24
12 Industrial Energy Management using Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Dr.S.Kumanan MHRD(R&D) 2004 4.00

Hybrid Decision making tool for Intelligent manufacturing Dr.S.Kumanan MHRD(R&D) 2003 5.00
10 Advanced CAD Laboratory Dr.G.Prabhaharan MHRD(Thrust) 2003 8.00
9 Processing of Powder metallurgy components using FEM Dr. R.Narayanasamy UGC 2001 3.8

Technology management for condition monitoring Dr. A. Noorul Haq MHRD 2000 8.00
7 Development of Powder Metallurgy lab Dr. R.Narayanasamy UGC 1999 4.00
6 Performance analysis of an operator Dr. A. Noorul Haq UGC 1997 0.30
5 A knowledge based simulation of Advanced Manufacturing Systems Dr. M.Sachithanandan & Dr. P. Asokan UGC 1995 4.50
4 Concurrent Engineering Pilot Project(Sarvatra) Dr. M.Sachithanandan & Dr. P. Asokan AICTE 1995 5.00
3 Wrinkling behaviour of sheet metals Dr. R.Narayanasamy UGC 1994 4.30
2 Formability of ultra high strength light weight sheet metals Dr. R.Narayanasamy MHRD 1990 5.00
1 Development of Metal Forming lab Dr. R.Narayanasamy MHRD 1988 15.00

Consultancy projects

Sl.No Organisation Type of work Year
1 Ultra Tech – Trichy Machining of dies 2005-06
2 M/s Tata Steels Formability and other related studies 2005-06
3 M/s Tata Steels Formability of special steels 2007
4 M/s GKN & Sons Machining work in VMC 2007