I Semester  
PH 601Radiographic Tesing & Radiation safety
PH 603Basic Metallurgy and Fracture Mechanics
PH 605Surface NDE Methods
PH 607Practicals I (Radiography)
  Elective I
  Elective II
II Semester  
PH 602Ultrasonic Testing
PH 604Field Work
PH 606 Practicals II (Ultrasonic Testing)
  Elective III
  Elective IV
  Elective V
  Elective VI
III Semester  
PH 647Project Work - Phase I
IV Semester  
PH 648Project Work and Viva Voice - Phase II


Semester I   Electives
 PH 609 Fabrication Technology
 PH 611 Digital Signal Processing and Image Processing
 PH 613 Electrical and Electronic Measurement Techniques
 *MT 776 Surface Engineering
 Semester II  Electives
 PH 608 Thin film Technology and Application
 PH 610 Electrical, Magnetic and Optoelectronic Materials
 PH 612 Nanoscience and Technology and Applications
 PH 614 Advanced NDT Techniques - I
 PH 616 Advanced NDT Techniques - II
 *MT 761 Engineering Materials

* Offered by other Departments