Dr. S. Raman Sankaranarayanan

Dr. S. Raman Sankaranarayanan


Dr. S. Raman Sankaranarayanan



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MME 214

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Academic Details

Doctoral Thesis: Crystallization and related phenomena in mould powders used for continuous casting of steels; (project had significant interaction with the steel industry)

  • B.E. (Metallurgical Engineering), P.S.G. College of Technology, Coimbatore, India
  • M.S. (Materials Engineering), Drexel University, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
  • Ph.D. (Area: Ferrous Process Metallurgy) (Advisor: Prof. Diran Apelian),Drexel University, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
  • Post - Doctoral Research: 1 year (with Prof. Alan Cramb), Carnegie Mellon University, U.S.A

Worked on mould simulator project sponsored by U S Steel;


Research Interests

  • Areas: Engineering Education, Steel industry, Process Metallurgy, Process Modeling, Fluxes, Slags, Mould powders, Utilization of Metallurgical wastes, Rare Earths, Economic aspects of metallurgical industry, Quality Management, CoQ
  • Very keen to work with the steel industry
  • Very keen to work on synthesis of rare earth based speciality chemicals


Recent Publications

  1. Giresan, S. Raman Sankaranarayanan, L. John Berchmans, Investigation on the Thermodynamic analysis, preparation and characterization of LaNi5 –Hydrogen Storage Alloy by Magnesiothermic Reduction Diffusion process, Journal of Mining and Metallurgy, Vol. 52, Issue 2 (2016), 171-175.
  2. Marimuthu Ilayaraja, L. John Berchmans and Sankara Raman Sankaranarayanan Synthesis of Y-Ni alloy by Calciothermic reduction diffusion process. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, 21, Issue 2,(2015),65-72.
  3. Bala, Y.G., Sankara Raman Sankaranarayanan and K.S. Pandey, “Experimental Aspects Of Densification And Arc Radius Of Barreling Considering Circular Arc in Sintered P/M AISI 8640 Steel During Hot Upset Powder Preform Forging”, International Journal of Metallurgical & Materials Science and Engineering (IJMMSE), Vol. 5, Issue 1, Feb (2015), 39-52.
  4. Bala, Y.G., Sankara Raman Sankaranarayanan and K.S. Pandey, “Barreling Aspects and Microstructure Examination of Sintered AISI 8620 P/M Steel during Hot Upset Powder Preform Forging”, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology(IJERT), Vol. 3, Issue 8, August (2014), 916-925.
  5. D.V. Prasad and Sankara Raman Sankaranarayanan, “Thermodynamic modeling of deoxidation products and inclusion chemistry in Mn-Si killed tire-cord steel”, Journal of Mining and Metallurgy Sec. B, vol. 48, Issue 1 (2012), 37-43.