Ph.D Awarded

S.No Name Title Name of the Guide Year
1 V. T. Sathyanathan  Prediction of Unburnt Carbon in Tangentially Fired Boiler using Indian Coals Dr. K. P. Mohammed 1997
V. Dhanalakshmi Extraction of manufacturing features from a wire frame model using CAD data as input Dr. K.Sankaranarayanasamy 2004
T. Christopher Fracture criteria in the design of Aero space Pressure Vessels Dr. K.Sankaranarayanasamy 2005
J. Dwaragan Impact of Multimedia Technology on Teaching of the Subject “ENGINEERING GRAPHICS” in Engineering Dr. J.Sarangan 2005
A. Hyacinth Diana A study on Roof – Integrated system of Transparent Multi cover solar flat Plate Collector for Expanded Fluidised Bed Agricultural Dryer Dr. S. Shanmugam 2005
K. Murugu Mohan Kumar Combustion characteristics of C.I Engine using Bio Diesel as fuel and comparison with Diesel Fuel Operation Dr. J.Sarangan 2005
K. Muthurajan Fracture criteria in the Aero space Pressure Vessels Dr. K.Sankaranarayanasamy 2007
Rajesh Kannan Cold Deformation Behaviour of sintered Iron-Carbon-Molybdenum and Iron-Carbon-Silicon-Copper Steels Dr. S. Shanmugam 2007
D. Valavan Investigations on the Performance and Emissions of a Direct Injection C I Engine Fuelled with Diesel – Vegetable Oil Blends Dr. M.Udayakumar 2008
10  Dr.AR Veerapan A study on pipe bends eith ovality and thinning subject to internal fluid pressure Dr. Shanmugam 2008
11  Dr.K.R.Balasubramanian Investigations on process parameters, Modeling and Weld Characterization for laser joining of thin section stainless steel Dr. K Sankaranarayanasamy 2008
12  Dr.K.Pannirselvam Improvement and investigations on performance monitoring methods for industrial air compressors Dr. M.Udayakumar 2008
13  Dr.Syed Umer Experimental study on rings from sintered HSS forged ferrous pre-forming alloyed with carbon molybdenum, silicon-carbide Dr. Shanmugam 2009
14  Dr.S.P.Ashok Computer Simulation and Experimental investigation on liquid flow through Labyrinths Dr. K Sankaranarayanasamy 2010
15  Dr.M.Prabakaran Effect of Reinforcement particle sizes on pore closure and workability in sintered al-Sic powder Metallurgy Composite during Cold Upsetting Dr. T Ramesh 2010
16 M.Chandrasekar Heat transfer and pressure drop studies using Al2O3 / H2O nano fluid with wire coil inserts Dr. S. Suresh 2010
17 Jose Mathew Experimental Investigation and modeling of Electric discharge machining process emissions Dr. S.P. Sivapirakasam  2011
18 M. Eswaramoorthy  Studies on solar parabolic dish thermoelectric power generator  Dr S Shanmugam  2011
19 P Kumar Theoritical and Experimental studies on oscillating-Bed Solar dryer for Agricultural Produce Dr S Shanmugam  2011
20 Karthick Jayaram.J Tolerance Synthesis and Analysis of Assembled Products Dr K Sankaranarayanasamy  2011
21 J.Sadhik Basha Impact of nano-additives on the performance,emission and combustion characteristics of a direct injection compression ignition engine  Dr. R. B. Anand  2011
22 Alphin.M.S Vibration Analysis  Dr K Sankaranarayanasamy  2012