Ongoing Projects

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Amount Received 
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Theoretical and Experimental investigations on performance influencing parameters of industrial Air compressors







Process Modeling and Online Monitoring of Laser Beam Welding




 DST - 2007


Mr. K.R.Balasubramanian

Experimental Investigation and finite Element Simulation of  Workability of Al-TiC Powder Metallurgy Composites during Cold Upsetting


(2007 -2010)


 DST - 2007



Patents Obtained

 Sl. No


 Non return valve for the pneumatic tube of a vehicle tyre

 Granted No:196266 on 12.12.2000.



 Instantaneous swept volume measuring device for reciprocating machines

 Granted No:1057/CHE/2003
on 29.12.2003



An auxiliary starter and controller assemble for air compressor system

 Patent pending
No. 1608 Che 2006 dated 5.09.2006.