Projects and Consultancy

Ongoing Projects

Project Title Duration (Years) Amount Received (in Rs. Lakhs) Funding Agency and Year Name of the Faculty Involved
Sustainable Energy-Efficient Green Ammonia Production by Plasma-Water Interface 2022-2025 53.19 DST-SERB Dr. R. Anand
Collaborative Research for Accelerated Development of Energy Harvesting Materials and Devices 2021-2024 61.25 DST Dr. S. Suresh (PI)

Development of New Electrode using 92% Rutile Grade Flux with Improved Operability and Industrial Applicability

2022-2025 19.56 IREL (India) Limited

Dr. Sreejith Mohan,

Dr. S.P. Sivapirakasam,

Dr. K.R. Balasubramanian

Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence (TARE) 2021-2024 18.30 DST-SERB Dr. N. Siva Shanmugam
Development of Ammonia Based Flexible Heat-Pipe for space applications 2021-2023 24.99 ISRO -STIC Dr. S. Suresh (PI)
Design and Analysis of Armor Solution Against Mine Blast. 2020-2023 22.68 DRDO Dr. T. Ramesh (Co- PI)
Life cycle assessment of CO2reduction by energy efficient hybrid biomass pyrolysis and gasification 2020-2023 49.97 DST Dr. R. Anand (PI)
Hunting representative sensors and constructing regression model between engine sensor outcomes using Machine learning, computational intelligence, and dimensionality reduction techniques. 2020-2022 19.82 GTRE-DRDO Dr. P. Kaushik (Co-PI) Dr. Ashok Kumar Nallathambi (Co-PI)
Environmental and Energy Impacts of Higher Alcohol and Biofuel Synthesis by Thermochemical Process 2019-2022 65.72 MHRD-SPARC Dr. R. Anand (PI)
Experimental Investigation of thermal cracking due to rewetting phenomena during metal quenching process 2019-2022 30.51 DST-SERB Dr. Ashok Kumar Nallathambi (PI)
Study on High Efficiency Pre-Chamber Combustion Concept to Extend Gasoline Lean Limit in a Constant Volume Combustion Chamber 2019-2022 43.05 DST-SERB Dr. Vedharaj Sivasankaralingam (PI)
Theoretical and Experimental investigations on performance influencing parameters of industrial Air compressors 2003-2006 6.00 MHRD-2003 Dr.M.Udayakumar Mr.K.Pannirselvam
Process Modeling and Online Monitoring of Laser Beam Welding 2007-2009 18.48 DST - 2007 Dr.K.Sankaranarayanasamy Mr. K.R.Balasubramanian
Experimental Investigation and finite Element Simulation of Workability of Al-TiC Powder Metallurgy Composites during Cold Upsetting 2007-2010 12.96 DST - 2007 Dr.T.Ramesh


Patents Obtained

Sl. No Title Status Year Name of the Inventors

Novel reaction chamber for collection of decomposition residues of pyrotechnic compositions and Method thereof

Granted 2023

Dr. S.P. Sivapirakasam

K. Harisivasri Phanindra

2 A novel flux composition for stainless steel SMAW electrodes with mild steel core wire Granted 2022

Dr.S.P. Sivapirakasam

Dr.Sreejith Mohan


Vishnu B.R

Raajesh Kannan

Jeyabalganesh G

3 Cylindrical Substrate Coating Apparatus and Method Thereof Granted 2022

Dr.S.P. Sivapirakasam

Dr.Sreejith Mohan


Vishnu B.R 
4 A Lung Simulator for Determining Particulate Matter in Respiratory System Provisional Filed 2022



Dr.Sreejith Mohan


Suresh Babu.K      


5 Bio-oil from Cassia Fistula seed pods and method thereof Published 2022

Dineshkumar Muniyappan,

Hrishikesh Babasaheb Gaikwad,

Dr. Anand Ramanathan

6 Waste disposal system Published 2022

Uthayakumar Azhagu, 

Dineshkumar Muniyappan,

Gopi R,

Dr. Anand Ramanathan                

7 A Solar Steam Generator Filed on 18 Jan 2023 2023

Dr. K R Balasubramanian

Jinshah B S, 

Kottala Ravikumar, 

Dr. S P Sivapirakasam

Divakar S,

John Peter

8 Airbag gas generants comprising layered copper hydroxy nitrate nanosheets


(Patent No: 340447)

Dr. S. P. Sivapirakasam,

S. Anandan,

S. L. Aravind

M.  Surianarayanan

9 Syn gas from semecarpus anacardium shells and methods there of Published 2021

R. Muthudineshkumar,

Vinoth Thangarasu,

Dr. Anand Ramanathan
10 Apparatus and method for drawing a bank tube trapped in a drum of a steam generator Published 2021

R Yoganathan,

Dr. Ramanathan Anand

11 Apparatus and method for withdrawing a broken tube expander trapped in a bank tube Published 2021

R Yoganathan,

Dr. Ramanathan Anand

12 A Fixture to automate the welding process of hydro end cover plate Published 2021

Nagasubramanian Prasanna

Dr. Ramanathan Anand
13 Development of a novel heterogeneous catalyst derived from mosquito coil ash for biodiesel production


IN Patent App. E1/22663/2020-CHE

Kowthaman C.N.

Dr. Arul Mozhi Selvan V

14 A novel green catalyst: Synthesis and characterization of Potassium modified-nanohydroxyapatite for biodiesel production


IN Patent App. E1/40469/2020-CHE

Kowthaman C.N.

Dr. Arul Mozhi Selvan V

Arumugam G
15 Development of Tool Material from Hybrid Composites reinforced with NC, NDL, NK, GF and NP-MMC Published 2019

Mohit, H.,

G. Hemanth Kumar,

Dr. Arul Mozhi Selvan V,

Sanjay Mavinkere Rangappa, Habil.

Suchart Siengchin,


16 Solar reverse thermoelectric power generation system and method thereof Filed 2019



17 Non return valve for the pneumatic tube of a vehicle tyre Granted No:196266 on 12.12.2000. 2000 Mr.K.Pannirselvam
18 Instantaneous swept volume measuring device for reciprocating machines Granted No:1057/CHE/2003
on 29.12.2003
2003 Mr.K.Pannirselvam
19 An auxiliary starter and controller assemble for air compressor system Patent pending
No. 1608 Che 2006 dated 5.09.2006.
2006 Mr.K.Pannirselvam


Consultancy Work

Sl. No Title of the work Faculty Agency Year Amount (Rs. in lakhs)
1 Fuel Testing Dr. R. Anand   2022-23 0.036

Implementation of ground-mounted solar power plant 3 MW and 2 MW

Dr. S.Suresh Tirunelveli Smart City Limited 2021-22 35
3 Mechanical testing Dr. N. Siva Shanmugam Bridge & Roof Co. (India) Ltd., Tata Steel, Institute scholars and outside students 2021-22 3.5
4 Fuel Testing Dr. R. Anand

Department of Automobile Engineering, Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, Srivilliputhur, Tamil Nadu

2021-22 0.0967
5 Consultancy EDM and Mechanical Testing Dr. N. Siva Shanmugam VIT University. BHEL Trichy, SASTRA, Bridge and Roof Company, HAPP Trichy, Sree Industries, Trichy 2020-21 5.5

Industrial Training Safety Program 

Dr. S.P.Sivapirakasam &

Dr. K. R. Balasubramanian

IGCAR , Kalpakkam 2018-19 1.61

Mechanical Testing and Characterization (Wire EDM + Welding + Testing Charges)

Dr. T. Ramesh & Dr. N. Siva Shanmugam

8 Scientific and Technical Consultancy Service for IAF Base (Thanjavur Airport Air Conditioning)

Dr. R. B. Anand &

Dr. V. Mariappan

IOTA Automation Pvt. Ltd, Chennai. 2018-19 0.75
9 CFD analysis of Flap Valve Dr. S. Suresh Vulcan Valves Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad 2018-19 0.6
10 Fuel Property determination

Dr. AR Veerappan &

Dr. R. Anand

Various Academic Institutions 2018-19 0.27