Low Temperature Laboratory

Low Temperature Lab is a Research Lab headed by Dr K. S. S. Harish and Dr V. Mariappan in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology of Tiruchirappalli, India. Research related to flammability of the eco-friendly refrigerants, Heat transfer and different cooling techniques, polishing (different materials) techniques with low temperature sources, two phase flow of refrigerants and their heat transfer in heat exchangers are focused by our students which involves the cutting edge technologies. Studies on Joule Thomson refrigerators operating with mixed refrigerants (at cryogenic temperatures) which have a wide application area covering the temperature range from 80 K to 200 K is also carried out. Our group also works on two phase flows in capillary expansion devices used in refrigerator and air-conditiong systems.

Facilities Avaiable:

1. Flammability Test setup for upcoming refrigerants.

2. Refrigerator test stand for Low GWP Refrigerants.

3. Convective cooling test setup for thermal management.

4. High computational Test facility.

Research Scholars:


1. Nagarjuna Kumma (Full time and Regular)

2. A Dhanunjaya Kumar (Part Time)

3. S Vishnu Prasad (Full time and Regular)

M.Tech Students


1. Adhil

2. J Govind

3. Pradip Patle

4. Basu Srivastava

5. Kamesh Gupta

6. Navneet


1. Shyam Pratap

2. Yatna Bhagat

3. Gokul Sai

B.Tech Students:


1. Rajeev

2. Rajput Ajinkya Singh

3. Sai Tarun

Contact Us:
Dr. K.S.S. Harish and Dr. V Mariappan
Department of Mechanical Engineering
National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
Tamil Nadu – 620015, India.
email:harish@nitt.edu, vmari@nitt.edu.