Ph.D. & M.S. Programme

List of Current Ph.D. Scholars


Name Area of Research
Mr. V. J. Renjit Manoj Multivariable Control Systems
Mr. P. Pandiyan Design and Simulation of MEMS based Logic Devices
Mr. A. Rami Reddy Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
Ms. S. Sathiya Resonating Piezoelectric Actuated Cantilevers for Pumping and Property Sensing in Liquids
Mr. N. Srivignesh Process Control
Ms. Minu A. Pillai Acoustic Energy Harvesting
Mr. E. Sathish EEG Signal Processing
Ms. R. Usharani Broad band Energy Harvesting
Mr. S. Gopi mohan  
Ms. M. Banu Sundareswari SMA Based System Design and Control
Mr. E. Kalaiselvan  
Ms. B. Sivakami  
Mr. T. N. Satish Design and Fabrication of Sensors for Gas Turbine Applications
Mr. G. PalaniKumar Sensor Development for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Quality Measurement
Mr. S. Srinivasulu Raju Controllers for Energy Harvesting
Mr. M. Ganesan Design of Train Contol Systems
Ms. Hemalatha Karnan Design of Cardiovascular system using ECG derived respiratory parameters
Mr. Y. Sujan Design and Fabrication of  Meso and Micro Resonant Pressure Sensors
Mr. P. Devendra Alagan Industrial Image Processing
Mr. S. Sankaranarayanan Smart Water and Gas Metering Techniques
Ms. D. Nalini Smart Structures
Mr. D. Gilbert Chandra Instrumentation Systems Development for Space Applications
Mr. B. Raja Singh Industrial Automation and Control
Mr. S.M.A.K. Azad  Industrial Control Communication and Process Automation
Mr. N. Sambath Hybrid Wind and Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
Ms. Haseena B.A. Modeling and Control of Nonlinear Processes
Mr. Prasanth  S Modeling and Control of a Nonlinear system
Ms. G. Thenmozhi

Design and Analysis of Instrumentation systems based on SMA

List of Current M.S. Scholars

Name              Area of Research                                
Ms. Devi C. Arati Optimal Control for PID Tuning
Ms. R. Akila Design of  Electronics for Resonant Sensors
Mr. Bhabani Sankar Padhy Plate Vibration Control using Sliding Mode
Ms. T. A. Ambili Control Theory
Mr. Rajendra Singh Thakur Image  Processing

Ph.D. Awarded

Name                                     Thesis Title
Dr.R. Kumar  
Sensorless Flow Measurement
Dr. B. Vasuki
Analysis of Uncertainty for Instrumentation System using Interval Methods
Dr. G. Uma
Design of Meso and Micro Resonators with Piezoelectric Sensing and Actuation
Dr. D. Ezhilarasi              
Identification and Multirate Output Feedback Control of Piezo Actuated Structures
Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi                                           
Design,Modeling and Control of Shape Memory Alloy Actuated Structures  
Dr. S. Neduncheiyan  
Modeling and Control of Piezo Actuated Structures with Uncertainties using Interval Arithmetic Approach
Dr. J. Arun Shankar Control of  Piezo Actuated Structures Using  Multisensor Data Fusion
Dr.L. R. Karlmax      Modeling and Design of Discrete Time Sliding Mode Control For Smart Structures
Dr. M. Shanmugavalli        Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Coriolis Flow Meter using Piezoelectric Sensing and Actuation
Dr. S. Seshadhri     Estimation and Design Methodologies for Networked Controlled System Subjected to Random Communiation Delays
Dr. S. Dharmalingam

Determination of Accumulation Value for the Evaporator System of Fossil Fuel Boilers and a Novel Control System Design for Fuel Switching

Dr. Senthilkumar Palaniswamy Position Control of Shape Memory Alloy Wire Actuators Using Modulated Adaptive Controllers
Dr. P. Kavitha      Study on the Proof and Computational Complexity of Stability Criteria in Control Engineering
Dr. T. Vinopraba      Multivariable Control System
Dr. K. Suresh            Micro and Meso Scale Piezo Excited and Sensed Resonance Sensor with Electronics
Dr. J. Sivaraman
Investigations on the Performance of a Modified Limb Lead ECG recording system for the study of atrial P and Ta wave.

Dr. K. Anbarasan

Design and Analysis of TRDA based control schemes for linear and nonlinear processes

Dr. Josephine Selvarani Ruth

Realization of Shape Memory Alloy wire as shared sensor and actuator for feedback and haptic control applications

M.S. Awarded

Name Thesis Title

Ms. R. Maheswari

Control of Piezo actuated structure using Embedded system

Mr. B.V.M.P. Santhosh Kumar

Design and evaluation of piezo laminated beam for the measurement of electrical quantities

Mr. U. VarunKumar               

Piezoelectric Based Systems For Physical and Mechanical Quantities

Mr. S. Krishna Chaitanya

Design of Shape Memory Alloy Actuated Grippers and Investigation of Tracking Control

Mr. S. Hariharakrishnan

Design and Development of Micro Electrothermal Actuator and Energy Harvesting using Pyroelectricity

Mr. Y. Sujan Design for Sensitivity Enhancement in Resonance based Pressure Sensors
Mr. Ashish Gupta

Detection of Epilepsy spikes using EEG and fMRI

Mr. Jerome Moses Stochastic Resonance and Applications in Control Systems
S. S. Sunjai Nakshatharan

Dynamic Motion Control Using Antagonistic SMA Actuator

Mr. Abhinav Srivastava   

System level design and modeling of asynchronous adaptive level based sampling for clock less ADC

Mr. Pankaj Shivhare

Design and analysis of MEMS-Electrothermally actuated Gripper and Resonant Pressure Sensor