Instrumentation and Control Engineering

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The Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering (ICE) was established in the year 1993 and the first batch of undergraduate students graduated in the year 1997. After the institute became NIT, the department has grown not only as an esteemed teaching facility but also as a pioneer in field of research. The department offers Under Graduate (UG)- B.Tech., Post Graduate (PG)- M.Tech. in Industrial Automation, and M.Tech. in Process Control and Instrumentation (offered jointly with the dept. of Chemical Engineering) and research programmes- M.S. (by Research) and Ph.D. programmes that provide students with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in the field of instrumentation and control.

The Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering has fifteen permanent faculty members with teaching and research interests that covers a broad range of fields.

The faculty members are working intensively in network control system, energy harvesting, product development, cyber physical system, next generation controller, automation for agriculture, smart structure and material, biomedical systems, path planning algorithms for unmanned vehicles, intelligent control of big data systems.

The department consists of six well-equipped laboratories which are attached to the curriculum development. Additional four research-oriented labs are present in the department. All laboratories are very well established with adequate facilities such as sufficient hardware and licensed software with necessary safety measures.


To constantly strive to make this department a world-class school in Instrumentation and Control Engineering


  • To provide high-quality education which inspires the students to realize their aspirations and potential.
  • To enhance knowledge, create a passion for learning, foster innovation and nurture talents toward serving society and the country.
  • To encourage faculty members to update their knowledge and carry out advanced research in cutting-edge technologies.
  • To exhibit excellence in research projects and consultancy services, for the benefit of the global community.


Started B.Tech. (Instrumentation and Control Engineering) 1993
Joint M.Tech. (Process control and Instrumentation) with Chemical Engineering 1999
First Ph.D. awarded in the department through part-time registration 2003
Started regular Ph.D. and M.S. (By Research) 2004
Department became QIP centre for Ph.D. 2006
DST-FIST Sponsored dept. 2008
NBA Accreditation 2008 - 2013
Administrative control for M.Tech. (Process control and Instrumentation) June,2014 - May,2016
Started M.Tech in Industrial Automation



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Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering
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