UG Projects - 2003-2007 Batch

The following is a list of projects completed by UG students of the 2003 batch.

  1. Object identification and tracking.
  2. Transfer function based Uncertainty analysis of a temperature measuring system using interval methods.
  3. Discrete Time Control of Vibration in Shape Memory Alloy Actuated Structures.
  4. Study of SMA applications in vibration control of smart structures.
  5. Controller Design in Networked Control Systems.
  6. Design of Microcontroller Based Resonant Sensor with Piezoelectric Excitation and Detection.
  7. Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Resonant Sensor Using AR200 and Piezoelectric Excitation.
  8. Design and Analysis of a New Structure for minimizing the effect of Parasitics in Capacitive Microbeam resonator.
  9. Modeling and Control of Lever Process Using ADAM-5000 module.
  10. Performance Analysis of MAC Protocols in Star Wireless Networks.
  11. Dynamic Simulation of Micro resonant Sensors with Electronics using Matlab Simulink.
  12. Design of Microprocessor Based Electro-Optic Solar tracker.
  13. Control of Pressure Using Microcontroller.