Sponsored Projects and Consultancy


DST, Government of India, has sanctioned Rs. 90 Lacs to provide center of excellence in the area of MEMS and Mechatronics in the year 2007 for 3 years.

Sponsored Research Projects

S.no Name of the Investigator  Title of the project Amount sanctioned (Rs. lakhs) Funding Agency and duration Year
1 Dr. R. Periyasamy Development of Novel Sensing device for evaluating sensory impairment on Diabetic foot to detect ulcer risk areas at early stage 20.03 SEED-TIDE-DST (Feb 2022-Feb2025) 2022
2 Dr. D. Ezhilarasi Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi Design and development of low cost multifunctional lower limb eoskeleton system for motion assistance to paraplegics     42.56 SERB-POWER, DST, GoI (June 2021-June 2024)  2021
3 Dr. M. Umapathy, Dr. G. Uma Online Oil debris monitoring sensor 36.48 DST, Oct 2021-Oct 2024 2021
4 Dr. D. Ezhilarasi Design of Sliding Mode Controller for Biped Walking 14.54 CARS, DEBEL,DRDO,  (March 2020-June 21) 2020
5 Dr. M. Umapathy, Dr. G. Uma Health Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Turbo pumps of Liquid Rocket Engines (LREs) using Deep Learning Neural Networks 16.87 ISRO, GoI 2020
6 Dr. N. Sivakumaran Development of post-harvest handling and sensor based smart packaging methods for the export of traditional banana varieties and nano-strip based digital health monitoring of banana (COPI) 72.13 ICAR-NRCB 2020
7 Dr.N. Sivakumaran Energy Efficient Management System (PI) 37 Under Young Faculty Research Fellowship & Research Grant Ministry of electronics and IT under GoI 2019
8 Dr.N. Sivakumaran Design and Development of Solar Photovoltaic Powered Cold Storage System (jointly with NIFTEM, Thanjavur) (COPI) 105 DST-IPHEE 2019
9 Dr.N. Sivakumaran Share and Mentor Institutions 30 AICTE Margadharshan Scheme 2019
10 Dr.N. Sivakumaran  A Versatile Portable Framework for Economic & Skill Empowerment of Women’s Sustainable Livelihoods through Digital Literacy (COPI) 42 DST-WIT 2019
11 Dr.M. Umapathy
Dr. G. Uma
Dr. Karl Mar,
Dr. A P Tiwari
International PI:
Dr. Guido Herrmann
Prof. Tom Scott
Self-Powered Sensor System for Condition Monitoring of Nuclear Waste Packages 67.32 MHRD (SPARC) (2019-2021) 2019
12 Dr.Nisha Radhakrishanan Dr. D. Ezhilarasi Dr. N. Sivakumaran Dr. Muthukumaran Development of an Integrated Health Monitoring System for Large Engineering Structures 34.034 Impacting Research Innovation and Technology (IMPRINT-2) (2019-2023) 2019
13 Dr. R Periyasamy   Dr. P.A. Karthick Development of Intelligent Signal Processing Framework for the Assessment of Neuromuscular Conditions 10 SEED Grant-NITT (Aug 2019-2020) 2019
14 Dr.R.Periyasamy Development of Differential Multimodal Spectral Imaging system to detect foot sole risk areas in Diabetic patients 10.56 DST –SERB_ECR(April 2019 – March 2020) 2019
15 Dr. P.A.Karthick Development of nonlinear signal processing schemes for the assessment of muscle and neural functions, 3 years 39.12 SERB- Early Career Research Award  (2019-2022) 2019
16 Dr. P.A.Karthick and S.Ramakrishnan Novel human-machine Interaction Technology for the Tetraplegics (NITT), 2 years 49.9 MHRD (SPARC) (2019-2021) 2019
17 Dr. C. Geetha Design and evaluation of Radio Frequency (RF) sensors for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) in railway infrastructures 5 SEED Grant-NITT (Aug 2019-2020) 2019
18 Dr. Geetha chakaravarthi RFID based wireless sensors for surface crack monitoring, 27 (SERB) under Start up Research Grant (SRG) Dec 2019 –Dec 2021 2019
19 Dr.R.Periyasamy   Development of a Non-invasive Optical Instrument Based on Skin Reflectance Technique for Monitoring Jaundice in Neonates 18.64 DST-IDP_BDTD (Sept 2018-March 2021) 2018
20 Dr.R.Periyasamy   Development and Validation of an Affordable Handheld Device for diagnosing compressive neuropathy by two point discrimination test in diabetic subject 19.25 DST-SYST(Oct 2018- Sept 2021) 2018
21 Dr. A. Ramakalyan Development of Modern Control Laws for a Class of Cruise Missiles 10.03 DRDL Hyderabad (2018-2020) 2018
22 Dr. K. Srinivasan Smart process automation using industrial communication protocol and internet of things 37  Young Faculty Research Fellowship, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, GOI(Jan 2018-Sept 2020) 2018
23 Dr. K. Srinivasan,     Dr. C. Nagamani, Dr. SaravanaIlango, Dr. M. Brindha Electronification of ground water control and conveyor system in mines 179.53  Ministry Of Coal and Government of India(Jan 2018-March 2020)  2018
24 Dr. K. Srinivasan Indepth investigation on corrosion & tribological studies on Epandable Engine. 96.85 GTRE, DRDO(Nov. 2018- Oct 2021) 2018
25 Dr. D. Ezhilarasi Dr. M. Umapathy Dr. G. Uma Design And Development Of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System Integrated With Electric Circuit And Storage  9.8 CARS/ NPOL, DRDO, cochin(Oct 2018-June 2020) 2018
26 Dr. M. Umapathy Dr. G. Uma Design of Spin based Piezoelectric Energy Harvester with Storage System 24.91 Armament Research and Development Establishment, DRDO ,Pune(2017-2018) 2017
27 Dr.R.Periyasamy Fabrication of hemo- filtration system using novel ceramic membrane to develop a portable artificial kidney 26.88 DST –SERB_ECR (Sept 2016 – May 2020) 2016
28 Dr.G. Uma, Dr. M. Umapathy Dr. J. Arun Shankar Sensor Development for the Detection of Oil Debris in Gas Turbine Applications 18.58 Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), DRDO(2016-2019) 2016
29 Dr. A. Ramakalyan Model Driven Engineering for Integration of Industrial Automation Systems with Application to Water Networks 25 ABB Global Industries and Services Ltd. (2015-2018) 2015
30 Dr. A. Ramakalyan De-congesting India’s transportation networks using mobile devices. (under the focus area Mobile Computing, Networking & Applications, to IIT Madras, IIM Bangalore, IMSc Chennai, NIT Tiruchirappalli and Univ. of Calcutta) 290.56 Information Technology Research Academy (ITRA) (2015-2018) 2015
31 Dr. M. Umapathy Dr. G. Uma, Dr. B Vasuki Design, fabrication and testing of meso and micro scale resonant sensors with electronics 49.5 SERB, DST, GoI(2013-2016) 2013
32 Dr. K. Srinivasan Development of Multi-model based nonlinear controller design for simulated and real time nonlinear processes   DST, GOI(September 2010    March 2014) 2010
33 Dr. D. Ezhilarasi Energy harvesting using Piezoelectric for self powered wireless sensor network based precision agriculture. 19.2 DST-SERC FAST Track( Sept 2010-Sept 2013) 2010
34 Dr. A. Ramakalyan Towards Reliable and Smart Air-Vehicles 11.45 UKIERI, 2007-2011 2007
35 Dr. N.Sivakumaran Control of Multivariable process using soft computing 9.38 DST, Government of India, 2007-2010 2007
36 B.Vasuki M.Umapathy Uncertainty analysis of chain error in instrumentation system 1.36 Department of Space, ISRO Bangalore, Government of India, 2007-2008 2007
37 G.Uma M.Umapathy Microresonating beam differential pressure sensor: Simulation and electronic interface design 1.16 Department of Space, ISRO Bangalore, Government of India, 2007-2008 2007
38 G.Uma, M.Umapathy Design and development of Micro Devices 10 NPSM - National Programme on Smart Materials, 2005 onwards 2005
39 R. Kumar,Dr. N. Sivakumaran Design and development of embedded system for rate of change pressure using IEEE P1451.4 8 MHRD, Government of India, 2004-2007 2004
40 K.K.Anilkumar,
V. Sridevi
Embedded system based mobile patient monitoring device 9 MHRD, Government of India, 2004-2007 2004
41 M. Umapathy,
J. Arunshankar
Modeling and control of smart structures using multisensor data fusion 8 MHRD, Government of India, 2003-2006 2003
42 G. Uma, B. Vasuki Design and development of mechatronics laboratory modules 12 MHRD, Government of India, 2003-2005 2003
43 Dr. A. Ramakalyan Robust and efficient algorithms for modern control system 2.22 DST, Government of India, 2002-2005 2002
44 M. Umapathy Design and development of structural vibration control system using smart materials as sensors / actuators 12 MHRD, Government of India, 2002-2004 2002
45 K. K. Anilkumar Biomedical Instrumentation 6.5 AICTE, Government of India, 1998-2000 1998