UG Projects - 2002-2006 Batch

The following is the list of projects completed by UG students of the 2002 batch:

  1. Sensor based robot motion planning.
  2. FPGA Based DCT Domain Watermarking for Images.
  3. Analysis and implementation of transmission Protocols in VLSI.
  4. Implementation of Optimization Algorithms Based on Interval Analysis.
  5. Fuzzy Based Control of Pressure and Measurement of Rate of Change of pressure.
  6. Design and Simulation of MEMS Based resonant Gas Sensor.
  7. FPGA Based Multi Sensor Image Fusion Using Discrete Wavelet Transform.
  8. Implementation of Output Feedback Control Algorithm Using 8051.
  9. Embedded System Design with networking Features.
  10. Design of Electronics for a resonant Sensor with Piezoelectric Excitation.