UG Projects - 2001-2005 Batch

The following is the list of projects completed by UG students of the 2001 batch:

  1. Signal Integrity Analysis using reduced order modeling.
  2. Tolerance analysis of Electronic Circuits and Instrumentation Systems Using Interval Methods.
  3. Wireless keyboard interface to a PC.
  4. Experimental study on Shape Memory Alloy actuators.
  5. Standalone Embedded System Based Mobile Patient Monitoring Device Using 80331 core.
  6. Virtual instrument for Human Comfort.
  7. Fuzzy based Obstructionless flow measurement System.
  8. Recursive System Identification and Design of Variable Structure model.
  9. Following Controller for Piezo Actuated Cantilever Beam.
  10. An Orthogonal peak Detector for Multiphase Sinusoidal Signals.
  11. Design and Simulation of MEMS Based Microactuator for HDD.
  12. Root-Locus Analysis fir the stability of the Bicycles.
  13. Rapid Power – Power line Frequency Monitoring.
  14. Robust State Feedback Controller for Interval Systems.
  15. Microprocessor based Electrical Tariff indicator.
  16. Design of Conductivity-Temperature-Depth Recorder.
  17. Wireless Keyboard Interface to a PC.
  18. PC Based Oscilloscope.