Dr. R. Periyasamy
Assistant Professor

Number of Ph.Ds guided

Name of the PhD Scholar Title of PhD Thesis Role(Supervisor/ Co-Supervisor) Year of Award
Mrs.Neelamshobha Nirala Assessment of Diabetes using toe Photoplethysmogram Co-Supervisor April 2018 at NIT Raipur
Mr.Justin Joseph Formulation and Validation of Adaptive and Customized Spatial Transforms for Restoration and Contrast Enhancement of MR Images Supervisor Nov 2018 at NIT Raipur
Mrs. Nishi S. Haider Development of automated Lung sound based system for diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Joint Supervisor Dec 2019 at NIT Raipur

Projects guided at Postgraduate level: 3 + 3(ongoing - 2022)

S. No. Title of the Thesis Guide / Co-Guide
1 Optical based system with IOT for Water quality assessment Guide
2 Implementation of ML and IoT in Building Automation System Guide
3 Multilane MIPI CSI 2 RX Interface design for super speed USB Guide