Dr. V. Sridevi
Assistant Professor

Thesis and Projects supervised

Title Student Name Year
Remote Patient Monitoring System Using PIC Microcontroller P K Ramya (CLD0513) 2007
Wireless Network in Industrial Automation - PLCs Going Wireless Karthik Nimmagadda (CLD0503) 2007
Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network for Temperature Monitoring P S K Harinath Gupta (202207008) 2009
Wireless Sensor Network for Traffic Monitoring Ramesh Babu (202207005) 2009
CAN Based Smart Sensor Network for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Minu a Pillai (202208022) 2010
TDMA Based Network Protocol Yaswanth Sai 2010
Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network for Agricultural Harvesting Shinde Sumit Sadashiv (202211028 2013
Time-Frequency Analysis of EEG Signal for Seizure Prediction T Venkataramana (202212014) 2014
GSM Based Heart Rate Monitoring System Pinky Dutta 2013
Visualize the Recorded EEG in the Desktop Computer Using PuTTY Software Through Serial Interface Ashish Bhoi (202218002) 2020
Neural Network Besed Epileptic Seizure Detection System Archit Rawat (202219002) 2021
Convolutional Neural Network based patient independent system to detect the electrical onset of seizure Ankit (202220003) 2022
Automated rice crop disease detection using deep learning and IOT Suchitra R (210120022) 2022
Design of inductive position sensor for Motor control – hurst motor Dinkar Verma (210120008) 2022