SENSORS, the national level technical symposium of the Instrumentation and Control Engineering department of NIT Trichy, is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of the department. Sensors has a long and distinguished history dating back to 1997 when the staff and the then students felt the need for a forum where the academicians and industry can converge to discuss the latest trends in the field of Instrumentation and Control. From its humble beginnings, Sensors has indeed come a long way.


The essence of Sensors is to transcend classrooms and facilitate learning through informative guest lectures from eminent personalities, hands-on workshops to give students a feel for the subjects and innovative and challenging events that pit some of the brightest minds in the country against one another. It also serves as an ideal platform for students to keep abreast of the latest technology changes and for the industry to tune into the latest research being carried out.


Another aspect of this prestigious event is that all the students of the department come forward enthusiastically to organize the event thus fostering teamwork, creativity and management skills in the technocrats of tomorrow.


The latest edition, Sensors’07, held in March 2007 saw a lot of firsts. With a theme “Measuring Infinity”, the students sought out to do just that. A variety of new events were introduced and a plethora of workshops and guest lectures were organized. The fact that the paper presentation event alone attracted around 250 entries from more than 60 colleges all over India attests to the growing popularity of the symposium. The benchmark has been set really high for the next batch of students to try and emulate.