B.Tech / B.Arch

Foundation Course for Basic English (Semester-I, B.E/B.Tech)

A major constraint of Engineering education today is the heterogeneous group of students joining the programme from different backgrounds.This heteroginity is seen to the maximum in their English proficiency.To tackle such a problem, a foundation course in Basic English is given to the students who join NITT.As the name suggests the course focuses on the fundamental skills of the English language i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. That too the students who are weak in their basic English.Initially a screening test is conducted to all students and the weak students are identified.The students who have cleared the test need not attend the course.Intensive coaching with periodical tests are given to train the weak students.It is a non-credit course and it attempts to create a homogeneous group in the second semester (for the professional communication course) so that the teaching will be effective.A lot of learner-centered activities are used to train the students attain mastery in the four language skills.

Professional Communication in English (Semester-II,B.E/B.Tech)

The pre-requisite for the course is that the student should have passed the proficiency test. The course aims to develop in the undergraduate students of engineering, a level of competence in English required for independent and effective communication for academic, professional and social needs. A thoroughly professional training is given to the B.E/B.Tech students, as far as English Communication is concerned.

Professional Communication in English (Semester-I, B.Arch)

The same professional communication course offered to the B.E/B.Tech in the second semester is offered to the B.Arch students in the first semester itself.