Meaning of Industrial Economics – Definitions of Economics – Economic Decision Making Process – Equations – Fundamental Concepts – Decision Environment – Profit Performance from Accounting point of view. Demand and Supply Analysis – Consumption Laws – Elasticity of Demand – Supply Elasticities – Measurements –

Demand Forecasting Methods – Cost & Revenue Analysis. Competition – Perfect, Monopoly, Monopolistic and Oligopoly – Break Even Analysis – Capital Budgeting Technique – Decision Making under Certainty and Uncertainty – Utility as a Decision Criterion

. Macro Static and Dynamics – Keynesian Theory of Income and Employment – Consumption Function – Saving and Investment Functions – Multiplier and Accelerator – Trade Cycles – National Income Accounting - Index Numbers – Price, Chain Base, Quantity and Value Index Numbers. F

unctions of Money – International Trade – Balance of Trade – Balance of Payments – Functions of Central Bank (RBI), Functions of Commercial Banks – Credit Creation by Commercial Banks – Inflation – Exchange Rate Determination Technological Change, Location Theory and Taxation.

Economic and Non – Economic Environment – Market, Economic Planning and Controls – Infrastructure and Business – Contemporary Economic Reforms.


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