Management Concepts and Practices

Pre-Requisite : None
Contact Hours and Credits : ( 3 -0- 0 ) 3

Objective : 

The subject matter of the course facilitates the students to understand about the functional areas of management.

Topics Covered :

Introduction to management, evolution of scientific management, modern management. Principles. Elements of management;. Planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting, budgeting.

Core concepts of marketing. need, want, demand, product, value,  satisfaction, marketing mix- product, price, place, promotion.

Financial management, objectives, scope, techniques of investment analysis, pay back period, accounting rate of return, working capital, cost of capital. Sources of financing.

Technology management. Product design .Types of production system. Plant location-factors to be considered. Plant layout. Types of layout. Inventory management.

Significance of HRM.HR planning job evaluation. Recruitment and selection. Placement and induction. Training. Performance appraisal. Compensation. Industrial relations.

Course Outcomes :

  • CO1: The learners get equipped with the nuances of management functions
  • CO2: The students gain the insights of Marketing strategies
  • CO3: The students gain expertise in analyzing the risk and return of an investment.
  • CO4: The learners adopt an empirical approach toward business situations
  • CO5: The learners become better people managers.

Text Books:

  • L.M. Prasad, Priciples and Practice of Management, S.Chand & Sons.
  • P. Kotler, Marketing Management (12/e), Pearson, 2005.

Reference Books:

  • P. Chandra, Financial Management Theory and Practice (3/e), TMH, 2004.
  • K. Ashwathappa, Human Resources and Personnel Management (3/e), TMH, 2005.
  • E.S. Buffa & R.K. Sarin, Modern Production/Operation Management (8/e), Wiley, 1994.