• To understand the basic concepts and issues of software project management 
  • To understand successful software projects that support organization's strategic goals 



  • Ability to maintain software projects and monitor software project process 
  • Ability to design and develop project modules and assign resources


Unit – I

SPM concepts-  Definition – components of SPM – challenges and opportunities – tools and techniques – managing human resource and technical resource – costing and pricing of projects – training and development – project management techniques.   


Unit – II

Software Measurements-  Monitoring & measurement of SW development – cost, size and time metrics – methods and  tools for metrics – issues of metrics in multiple projects. 


Unit – III

Software Quality-  Quality in SW development – quality assurance – quality standards and certifications – the  process and issues in obtaining certifications – the benefits and implications for the organization and its customers – change management. 


Unit – IV

Risk Issues-  The risk issues in SW development and implementation – identification of risks – resolving and avoiding risks – tools and methods for identifying risk management. 


Unit – V

SPM Tools- Software project management using Primavera & Redmine and case study on SPM tools.



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