• To learn the basics of mobile application development
  • To get accustomed to Android platform
  • To develop skills in developing basic Android applications



  • Hands on experience in Android application
  • Acquire skill set to execute applications in Android based devices



  • Install the Android SDK and developer tools and build a test project to confirm that those tools are properly installed and configured
  • Write a program using a Table Layout for our restaurant data entry form, add a set of radio buttons to represent the type of restaurant
  • Write a program using activity class to show different events.
  • Write a program to send user from one application to another. (For example redirection to map)
  • Write a program to play audio files.
  • Write a program to play video files.
  • Write a program to capture image using built in camera.
  • Write a program to send SMS.
  • Write a program to convert text to speech.
  • Write a program to call a number.