• To understand the concepts of Architecture of 8086 microprocessor
  • To understand the design aspects of I/O and Memory Interfacing circuits
  • To understand the architecture and programming of ARM processor



  • Ability to design and implement programs on 8086 microprocessor
  • Ability to design I/O circuits and Memory Interfacing circuits
  • Ability to design and develop components of ARM processor


Unit – I

         THE 8086 MICROPROCESSOR -   Introduction to 8086 – Microprocessor architecture – Addressing modes - Instruction set and assembler directives – Assembly language programming – Modular Programming - Linking and Relocation - Stacks - Procedures – Macros – Interrupts and interrupt service routines – Byte and String Manipulation.


Unit – II

            8086 SYSTEM BUS STRUCTURE - 8086 signals – Basic configurations – System bus timing –System design using 8086 – IOprogramming – Introduction to Multiprogramming – System Bus Structure - Multiprocessorconfigurations – Coprocessor, Closely coupled and loosely Coupled configurations – Introduction to advanced processors.


Unit – III

            MICROCONTROLLER -  Architecture of 8051 – Special Function Registers(SFRs) - I/O Pins Ports and Circuits - Instruction set - Addressing modes - Programming 8051 Timers – Interfacing Microcontroller - Serial Port Programming - Interrupts Programming – LCD & Keyboard - External Memory Interface- Stepper Motor.


Unit – IV

             INTRODUCTION TO EMBEDDED SYSTEMS - Complex systems and micro processors– Embedded system design process – Instruction sets preliminaries - ARM Processor – CPU: programming input and output supervisormode, exceptions and traps – Co-processors- Memory system mechanisms – CPU performance


Unit – V

             EMBEDDED COMPUTING PLATFORM DESIGN AND OPTIMIZATION The CPU - Bus-Memory devices and systems–Designing with computing platforms – platformlevel performance analysis - Components for embedded programs-Models of programsAssembly, linking and loading – compilation techniques- Program level performance analysis – Software performance optimization – Analysis and optimization of program size- Program validation and testing.



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