• To  provide an overview of XML Technology and modeling databases in XML 
  • To provide an overview of Service Oriented Architecture and Web services and their importance 
  • To introduce Security solutions in XML and Web Services and to introduce Security standards for Web Services 



  • Ability to design and develop real work applications using the concepts of SOA and Web services 
  • Ability to comprehend approaches for providing security for XML documents as well as messages exchanged among Web Services 


Unit – I

XML Technology -  XML – XML and Web - Name Spaces – XML Document Structure - Structuring with Schemas and DTD - Modeling Databases in XML – XQuery 


Unit – II

SOA Basics- Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) – Comparing SOA with Client-Server and Distributed architectures - Characteristics of SOA – Benefits of SOA  --  Principles of Service orientation –  Service layers -  Business Process management 


Unit – III

Web Services (WS)- SOA and Web Services – Web Services Protocol Stack  – Service descriptions – WSDL – Messaging with SOAP – Service discovery – UDDI. Service-Level Interaction patterns – XML and Web Services - Enterprise Service Bus - .NET and J2EE Interoperability. 


Unit – IV

WS Technologies and Standards- Web Services Technologies - JAX-RPC, JAX-WS.  Web Service Standards – WS-RM, WSAddressing, WS-Policy. Service Orchestration and Choreography – Composition Standards - BPEL.    Service Oriented Analysis and Design. 


Unit – V

XML and WS Security-  XML Security Overview – Canonicalization – XML Security Framework – XML Encryption – XML Signature – XKMS Structure. Web Services Security - XACML - WS-Security. 



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