Credit: 2


  • To create client and server applications using the "Sockets" API and the implementation of Data link layer protocol and TCP layer
  • To conduct computer communication network simulations
  • To have a hands on experience of computer network simulation and modeling techniques using NS-3 simulation software



  • Ability to invoke analytical studies of Computer Networks through network simulation
  • Technical knowhow of the various components in NS-3 toolkit and its importance in designing a real network



  • Exercises on Socket Programming using C and Java
  • Exercises using NS-3 Network Simulator
    • Basics of Network Simulation
      • Introduction , Platform required to run network simulator, Backend Environment of Network Simulator, Agents and applications, Tracing
    • Simulating a Local Area Network
      • Local Area Network, LAN Topologies, MAC Protocol, Taking turns, Ethernet, Ethernet Frame Structure, Ethernet Versions, Simulating a LAN using Network Simulator 3
      • Implementation of various MAC protocols
      • Setting up of various network topologies
      • Measurement of routing protocols
    • Measuring Network Performance
      • Network Performance Evaluation, Performance Evaluation Metrics, Parameters Affecting the Performance of Networks, Performance Evaluation Techniques, Network Performance Evaluation using NS-3
      • Setting up of network that carries various application protocols and analyzing the performances
  • Hands on experiments on Network equipments
    • Switches, Routers
    • Hardware firewall


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