Display Systems


  • To gain exposure in the basics of the display systems
  • To illustrate the current design practices of the display systems



  • Application of the acquired knowledge in practical design of a display system


Unit – I

Introduction to displays. Requirements of displays. Display technologies, CRT, Flat panel and advanced display technologies. Technical issues in displays


Unit – II

Head mounted displays. Displays less than and greater than 0.5 m diagonal.  Low power and light emitting displays


Unit – III

Operation of TFTs and MIMS - LCDs, Brightness. Types of LCD displays


Unit – IV

Emissive displays, ACTFEL, Plasma display and Field emission displays, operating principle and performance


Unit – V

CRT as the display of the future. Projection systems with light valve and CRT technologies.



  • L. W. Mackonald and A. C. Lowe, “Display Systems, Design and Applications”, Wiley, 1997