Research scholars

PhD Scholars

Scholar Name Type of Registration Area of Research Status of Research Work Role
Jayalekshmi S QIP Internet of Things Ongoing Supervisor
P. Suguna Regular Software Defined Networks Ongoing Supervisor
B. Kranthi Kumar Regular Internet of Things Ongoing Supervisor
C. Nagamanjularani Regular Regular Ongoing Supervisor
Amedapu Srinivas TEQIP Social Networks Ongoing Supervisor
Elakkiya E Detection of Spam Attacks Launched through Social Network sites Completed in September 2021 Co-supervisor
Bhuvaneswari Amma N. G. Anomaly Based Approaches for Detection of Denial of Service attacks Completed in September 2020 Co-supervisor
Kavitha A A Study on Energy-Efficient Cluster-based Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks Completed in January 2021 Supervisor
Koppala Guravaiah Study On Performance Of Routing Protocols For Wireless Sensor Networks Using River Formation Dynamics Completed in January 2019 Supervisor
U. Venkanna Study on Cooperative Routing Algorithms in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Trust Management Completed in July 2015 Supervisor

MS Scholars

Scholar Name Area of Research Status of Research Work Role
Mohit Agarwal Spam Detection in Social Networking Sites Using Unsupervised Learning and Dimensionality Reduction Completed in December 2016 Supervisor
Sachin Kumar Latent Fingerprint Recognition Using Learning Approach Completed in July 2016 Supervisor
Pravin Ranjan Angle Based Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Network Completed in November 2015 Supervisor
Ipsita Mohanty Acquisition and Analysis of Live Data to Extract Application Level Digital Evidence Completed in May 2013 Supervisor