Number of Publications :   24

Indian Journals – 18

International Journals – 6

          List of Publications :


            In Refereed Indian Journals

1.      Boarding Time and Stopped Time of City Buses in Madras, Indian Highways, Vol. 13,
No. 10, pp. 28-33, October 1985.

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7.      Identification of Representative Wave Record from Multiple Wave Records, Marine Engineering Journal, Institution of Engineers, Accepted, June 1991.

8.      Expert System for Tyre Management in Public Transport Corporations, Indian Highways, pp. 17-25, December 1993.

9.      Headway Distribution at Origin of Urban Bus Routes, Journal of Traffic and Transportation, October 1996.

10.  Applicability of GIS/IVHS/GPS Technology for Indian Conditions, Journal of Traffic and Transportation, January 1997.

11.  User Perception of the Shuttle Bus Transit System in Madurai, Indian Highways, July 1998.

12.  Development of Areawide Traffic Control System for Tiruchirappalli, Journal of Traffic and Transportation, September 1998.

13.  Development of Geographical Information System for Transportation of Solid Waste, Environmental Engineering Journal, October 1998.

14.  Geographical Information System for Major Roads – A Case Study of Tiruchirappalli, Indian Highways, December 1998.

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17.  GIS Based Transportation Information Management System, Indian Highways, July 2002.

18.  Traffic Incident Management System using GIS, Indian Highways, Submitted, April 2008.


            In Refereed International Journals

1.      Simulation Study of Bus Transit, Journal of Transportation Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. 112, No. 2, pp. 199-211, March 1986.

2.      Transportation Systems Management Options to Improve Urban Bus Route Performance using Computer Simulation, Transportation Research Board, National Research Council, TRR 1338, pp. 22-27, 1992.

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5.      Transportation of Solid Waste – A Case Study of Chennai Corporation, Journal of Environmental Engineering, Singapore, October 1998.

6.      Evaluation of Short Term Transportation System Management Measures using GIS, European Journal of Transportation Research, Accepted, May 2007.