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Head of the Department


Dr. K. Muthukkumaran

E-mail:hodcivil@nitt.edu, kmk@nitt.edu

Soil Structure interaction, Pile foundations, Slope stability, Marine Geotech, Numerical techniques, Port, Harbour structures

Head of the Department (Previous)

Prof. P. S. Manisundaram 29.04.1964 to 30.09.1969
Dr. V. Venkatasubramanian 01.10.1969 to 31.07.1981
Prof. S. Nagaratnam 01.08.1981 to 03.02.1982
Dr. M. Shanmugam 04.02.1982 to 31.08.1991
Dr. K. A. Kuppusamy 01.09.1991 to 05.02.1998
Dr. K. Palanichamy 06.02.1998 to 20.09.1999
Dr. K. A. Kuppusamy 21.09.1999 to 03.02.2004
Dr. K. Palanichamy 04.02.2004 to 18.12.2005
Dr. C. Natarajan 19.12.2005 to 01.01.2009
Dr. S. Moses Santhakumar 02.01.2009 to 30.01.2012
Dr. P. Jayabalan 31.01.2012 to 30.01.2015
Prof. R. Jayasankar 01.02.2015 to 15.02.2017
Dr. Samson Mathew 16.02.2017 to 4.10.2017
Dr. K. Baskar 11.10.2017 to 31.10.2019
Dr. Swaminathan 1.11.2019 to 28.10.2022
Dr. S. T. Ramesh 29.10.2022 to 04.01.2024


Professors (HAG)


Dr. G. Swaminathan

Bio Process, Enviornmental Geotechnique



Dr. Samson Mathew

(On deputation as Director, KSCSTE-NATPAC)

Remote Sensing and GIS, Pavement management system, Geographical information systems, Landuse planning


Dr. K. Baskar

Steel,Steel-concrete composite,Finite element Modeling and Analysis


Dr. S. T. Ramesh

Wastewater Treatment,Water Quality Modeling,Air Quality Modeling,Solid Waste Management,Environmental Impact Assessment


Dr. K. Muthukkumaran

Soil Structure interaction, Pile foundations, Slope stability, Marine Geotech, Numerical techniques, Port, Harbour structures


Dr. S. Jayalekshmi

Geosynthetics,Laboratory Instrumentation


Dr. R. Gandhimathi

Contaminant Transport Modeling,Air Quality Modeling,Solid Waste Management,Adsorption techniques,Environmental Impact Assessment

Associate Professors

Dr. Nisha Radhakrishnan

Dr. Nisha Radhakrishnan

Surveying,GIS and Remote Sensing


Dr. V. Sunitha

Transportation Engineering,Highway Engineering


Dr. R. Manjula

Water shed Management,Application of GIS and Neural Networks in Water Resources,Water Quality Modelling

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Dr. Deendayal

Migration of Sulphate under diffrent conditions by using Electro-kinetic Method,Geosynthetics,Removal of Fluoride by using IISC method

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Dr. S. Saravanan

Distributed rainfall runoff modeling.,LIDAR, DEM generation & digital terrain modeling.,Flood mapping, flood routing and Urban flood modeling.

Assistant Professors


Dr. R. Senthil Kumar

Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures,Steel–Concrete Composite Structures,Development of New Alternate Materials,Fire Engineering and Stability of Steel Structures


Dr. S. Marisamynathan

Road Safety and Accident Analysis, Pedestrian Flow Modelling, Facility Design and Evaluation and Freight Demand Modelling.

Dr.Jeevan Joseph

Dr. Jeevan Joseph

Shallow and deep foundations, Environmental geotechnics, Unsaturated Soil Mechanics, Geothermal energy and Offshore geotechnics.



Dr. Raghavan Ramalingam

Stability of Steel Structures and Non - Linear finite elements.

Dr. Prabha M

Dr. Prabha Mohandoss

Structural performance of prestressed concrete systems, Mechanical characteristics of construction materials, Repair and strengthening of conventionally reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, Effect of corrosion on structural performance of reinforced concrete structures

Dr. Mashudha Sulthana U

Dr. Mashudha Sulthana U

Steel-concrete composite structures

Dr. Darshana

Dr. Darshana O

Modeling User perception, Traffic operations, Traffic Engineering and Management and Road safety

Dr.Greegar George

Dr. Greegar George

Structural Dynamics, Probabilistic modelling, Uncertainty Quantification, Global Sensitivity Analysis

Dr.Aneesh Mathew

Dr. Aneesh Mathew

Water resources engineering, Image processing, Digital elevation models, Remote sensing and GIS applications in water resources and climate change, Modeling for urban planning applications, Urban Sprawl, Air pollution, Urban heat island and climate change

Dr.Kamal Krishna Bera

Dr.Kamal Krishna Bera

Structural Dynamics, Wind and Earthquake Engineering, Structural Vibration Control, Aerodynamics of Cable-supported Bridges


Prof. Arachelvi

Advanced Construction Technology  , Rheological properties and strength studies on coir fibre reinforced cement mortar , Turbidity removal using sythetic coagulants.