Ph.D. and M.Tech Thesis Guided


Sl.No. Name of the Scholar Title of thesis Date of Registration Date of Award Joint guidance with
1. Mrs.N.Almas Begum Soil-structure interaction of laterally loaded single piles and pile group on sloping ground August 2006 Nov 2010 NIL
2. Mrs. P.V.Premalatha Effect of tie rod anchor on laterally loaded berthing structure January 2008 Aug 2012 Prof. P. Jayabalan
3. Mr. M.Murugan Performance of FRP strengthened RC piles subjected to static and cyclic lateral loads January 2010 Feb 2014 Prof. C. Natarajan
4. Mr. Deendyal Laterally loaded piles in clayey soils with sloping ground June 2011 Oct 2016 Prof. T.G.Sitharam, IISc- Bangalore
5. Mr. Prakash, A.R. Behaviour of Rock Socketed monopile subjected to lateral load Aug 2013 Feb 2018 NIL
6. Mrs. Kayalvizhi. S. K. Effect of liquefaction potential on pile lateral capacity Jan 2014 On going NIL
7. Ms. S. Anu Deciphering the dynamic architecture design from music Feb 2015 On going NIL
8. Mr. S. Sivaraman Axial and lateral load capacity analysis of pile considering time dependent behaviour of clay Aug 2015 On going NIL
9. Mr. U. Umanath Alternative approach of using pervious concrete pile to improve soft clay Aug 2016 On going NIL
10. Mr. I. Venu Gopal ISAC-ISRO Lunar Soil Simulant for Chandrayaan – II Project Aug 2016 On going Dr. M. Annadurai, Distinguished Scientist Director, ISAC-ISRO, Bangalore
11. Mr. Paladi Rajendra Kumar Parametric studies of rock slope stability by finite element method – a case study Jan 2017 On going NIL
12. Mr. Prabu T Characterization of Lunar Soil Simulant for Evaluating Design Criteria of Lunar Structures July 2019 On going NIL
13. Mr. Jegatheeswaran B Offshore geotechnical Engineering July 2019 On going Dr. R. Manjula
14. Ms. Devahi Environmtental Geotechnical Engineering July 2019 On going Dr. Deendayal
15. Mr. S. Praveen Earthquake geotechnical/ liquefaction analysis Aug 2020 On going Dr. Jenson Daniel, Prof. DBRAIT, Port Blair, Andaman
16. Ms. Rima Das Earthquake geotechnical engineering Aug 2020 On going NIL


Sl.No. Name of the Scholar Title of thesis Date of Registration Date of Award Joint guidance with
1. Ms. V. Anusudha Study on Behavior of Copper Slag - Lime Treated Weak Soil under Static and Dynamic Loading August 2014 Dec 2016 NIL
2. Mr. S. Keerthi Raaj Effective use of PVD in railway embankment construction at Nagapatinam – a case study August 2014 Dec 2016 NIL
3. Mr. M.Vinoth Kumar Analysis of Vertical Sand Drain for Railway construction at Nagapattinam – A Case Study February 2015 June 2017 NIL
4. Ms. R. Sindhuja Performance Evaluation of Sisal Fibre Reinforced Expansive Soil under Static and Dynamic Loads February 2015 June 2018 NIL
5. Mr. Nandhagopal A. R. Rock Socketed monopile subjected to dynamic lateral load Aug 2018 ongoing NIL


Sl.No. Name of the Scholar Title of thesis Year of Award
1 Ms.P.Sheethalakhmi Soil-structure interaction of laterally loaded piles on sloping ground 2007
2 Mr.C. Senthil Kumar Soil-structure interaction of laterally loaded pile groups on sloping ground 2008
3 Mr. B. Aravind Kumar Soil-structure interaction of laterally loaded batter piles on sloping ground 2008
4 Mr.V. Prasath Optimization of gravel for flexible pavement construction 2008
5 Mr.K.S. Arun FE analysis of fixed offshore platform including soil structure interaction study 2009
6 Mr. Denzil Fernandez Effect of lime stabilization on single pile pullout capacity 2009
7 Mr. G.Sandeep FE analysis of a berthing structure with tie rod 2009
8 Mr. D.Sathyanarayanan Dynamic analysis of fixed offshore platform including soil-structure interaction study 2010
9 Mr. M. Gokula Kirishnan Effect of slope of lateral load capacity of pile under passive loading 2010
10 Ms. I.P.Subha Effect of earthquake induced lateral soil movement on lateral load pile capacity 2010
11 Mr. Gireesha N T Study on soil structure interface strength property 2011
12 Mr. Harish Study on expansive soils and its improvement 2011
13 Mr. Mathusuthan Reddy Performances of reinforced earthen embankment under seismic condition 2011
14 Mr. R.Veeravisagan Lunar soil Simulant 2012
15 Mr. B. Jagadheeswaran Investigation of pile behaviour under combined loading including lateral soil movement 2012
16 Mr. Adarshi. P.R Effect of wheel load on underground tunnels 2012
17 V. Satish Durgakumar Bearing capacity improvement using natural geotextiles 2013
18 K. Gowtham Kumar Use of geotextiles in railway embankment to improve the life of the blast on soft clay soils 2013
19 Jose Joseph Stabilization of bentonite clay using industrial waste 2013
20 Amy Susan George Study on removal of heavy metals by Microorganism 2014
21 Uppu Prapulla Kumar Effect of seawater intrusion on soil and water characteristics – A case study of Velankannai Area 2014
22 Ajitha R Analysis of heavy metals in Urban soils of Tuticorin 2014
23 Shashank B S Investigation of Microorganism Treated weak soils under dynamic loading 2014
24 Aravind G Study on weak soil improvement by tyre chips 2014
25 Swarvana Ganguly Swell and Shrink behaviour of stabilizer treated expansive soil 2014
26 Swapnil M. S. Effect of Geo-Foam on soft ground bearing capacity and lateral earth pressure 2015
27 Gurunath Gudura Stabilization of expansive soils by GGBS 2015
28 Hitesh Kumar Pile behaviour on liquefiable soils 2015
29 Devahi. P Effect of heavy metals on swelling soil behaviour 2015
30 Krishna Kumar Kharwar Effect of paper mill waste on strength development of soft soil and stabilization 2016
31 Koneti Narendra Effect of ground granulated blast furnace slag on stabilized embankment soils under seismic load 2016
32 Jatoth Jithender Evaluation of resilient modulus based on laboratory and field test results 2016
33 Vignesh Kumar R Behaviour of e-waste plastic stabilized weak soil under cyclic loading 2016
34 Sudheer Dasari Evaluation of interface shear strength of landfill liner system and stability analysis of municipal solid waste landfill 2016
35 Bantupalli Sai Venkatesh Effect of sea water on geoenvironmental properties of soils 2016
36 Rallabandi Sai Sasi Sekhar Feasibility and Productivity studies of Precast Construction for Buildings 2019
37 Subash Andey Use of Precast Foundation in Transmission Lines 2019
38 Karthi. M E-Waste –Soil-Georeinforcement Interaction study for Reinforced Earth- Wall Applications 2019
39 VVG Sai Aditya Cycle time analysis & optimization of resources, cost and time involved in marine piling construction 2020
40 Yagnya Prasad Pradhan Seismic performance evaluation of e-waste-georeinforced embankment and pavement 2020