Guidance for students

Guidance and convention followed for placement process

  • Irrespective of profile of the recruiting organization, prepare well in all aspects including your core stream of study
  • Maintain punctuality while attending PPTs and other processes; walking into  an ongoing PPT is equivalent to insulting the recruiters
  • Formals shall be default dress code for all recruitment processes unless otherwise specified
  • Latest partial transcript and grade cards, project /IPT report(s) if any, updated CV are to be kept handy while attending any process
  • Valid Category, EWS, NCL  certificates are to be kept ready while appearing for PSU/Government agencies
  • Students are strongly advised to ensure medical fitness since almost recruiting companies have detailed medical examination as final eligibility criteria. Color blindness is a serious deterrent for core engineering jobs
  • Students are advised to obtain PAN card, Passport etc., if they do not have one already.
  • CV template (separate for UG and PG) can be obtained from TP. (do not change font, font size, template etc.,)
  • Students opting to follow other pursuits such as higher studies, GATE/PSU, UPSC etc., are permitted to not appear for the placement preparation series. T&P wishes well to all such students and will readily issue process letter for obtaining letter of recommendation from their faculty/mentor   
  • All students interested in campus placements have to necessarily participate and perform well in all the placement preparation series
  • The Institute follows one job policy with the objective of maximizing the campus placement benefit to as many students cutting across branches, academic credential and UG and PG streams.
  • Eligibility criteria are set by the recruiting organization – be it in terms of branches, academic bar, level of degree etc. While setting the eligibility criteria is their prerogative, T&P engages constantly with the recruiters and strives to expand the eligible pool of students, so that large number of students is benefitted.  
  • Foreign nationals are urged to ascertain all details pertaining to work permit if they opt to decide to take up placement