Guest House

Guest House-1 (Kurunji house):

Ground floor 3 suite rooms.
First floor 11 rooms,
second floor 11 rooms and
third floor 11.
Office room 2.

Guest House-1 (Kurunji house)

Guest House-2 (Marutham house):

Ground floor ground floor 4 rooms,
first floor 9 rooms and
second floor 4 rooms.

Guest House-2 (Marutham house)

Guest House Advisory committee

Dr. P. Saikrishnan (Professor, Maths), Chairperson
Dr. A. Meenatchi Sundaram (Associate Professor, Arch.), Member
Dr. Mashudha Sulthana (Assistant Professor, Civil), Member
Dr. Shobitha Poulose (Assistant Professor, DoMS), Member
Dr. Ruben Sudhakar (Associate Professor, DEE), Member
Assistant Registrar (Establishment), Convener

Guest House booking form (the below links will work only in the intranet):

Guest house New- Tariff (w.e.f December 1, 2022)