Institute Purchase Committee

DO/ PURCHASE-COMMITTEE/2016                                                             November 15, 2016


An institute level purchase committee is constituted for arriving at NIT-T rate contracts for the purchase of computers, workstations, laptops, servers, printers, scanners, computer components, accessories, peripherals, UPSs, appliances, networking components (active / passive), LCD/DLP Projectors, Software, etc, and for drafting the tender specifications, floating and advertising, conducting purchase committee meetings, etc.

The following are the members of this purchase committee:

  1. Dean (R&C) or Dean (ID) or Dean (P&D)                                   Chairman
  2. Dr. A. Ramakalyan, HOD/CSG                                                   Convener
  3. External Experts from BHEL, Tiruchirappalli                               External Member
    (for items costing more than 5 Lakhs)
  4. Shri. P. Arun, Technical Officer, CSG                                        Member
  5. Shri. K. Pradeep, Technical Officer, CSG                                  Member
  6. Assistant Registrar or Dy. Registrar (R&C or Accounts)            Member
    (for looking into the purchase procedures such as terms & conditions, validity and related activities alone other than specification)
  7. Shri. A. Palanivel, Registrar                                                       Member
    (for items costing more than Rs.5 Lakhs)

    If the unit cost of any item is more than Rs.5 lakhs then one more external member from industry / National Institutes or Labs may be included. The committee can co-opt other member/s and experts as it deems necessary.

  • This committee will follow the Institute Purchase procedure and submit their recommendations to the Director for arriving at NIT-T rate contracts.
  • The Director will approve the NIT-T rate contract for a given period usually 1 year, based on the recommendations of the Institute Purchase Committee.
  • Purchase order for the Computer / IT related items as per the NIT-T rate contracts may be placed by the respective department following the Institute purchase procedure and as per the power delegation of financial powers as specified by the BOG, NIT-T