In the year 2005, Pragyan, NIT Trichy’s annual international techno-managerial organisation, was born. Forever since, Pragyan has been on a spectacular trek forward, inculcating scientific temper and innovative thinking among the young minds of India. In this relatively short, yet heavily impactful run, Pragyan has garnered fruitful participation from over 100 colleges spanning the length and breadth of India and has been influential in helping technological innovation flourish among the youth populace.

Pragyan is one of the biggest technical festivals in the country and showcases the talent of students from various colleges across the nation. It is acclaimed for the diverse experiences and opportunities it offers for technology enthusiasts. Pragyan holds ISO 20121:2012 certification for Sustainable Event Management, becoming the first student-run organization in the world and also the third overall, next only to the 2012 London Olympics and Manchester United FC to do so. It also holds the ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management Systems, making it one of the most sought after technical fest in India.


The fest hosts a variety of Events, Workshops, Exhibitions, Hackathon, Guest Lectures, Infotainment shows and many more. Pragyan also conducts its flagship debate showcase, ‘Crossfire’, featuring eminent personalities from in and around the country. 


Pragyan also regularly brings down eminent personalities for its Guest Lecture series. The previous editions of Pragyan have been graced by distinguished people like Ajay Bhatt, Bhargavi Nuvvula, Dr. Casey Handmer and more who left the audience spellbound with their words and achievements. 


Nearly 30 events are grouped under 8 broad clusters, each cluster dealing with different realms of science and technology. One thing that differentiates Pragyan from other technical fests of its kind is that online participation is encouraged as much as offline participation, and the 2019 edition of Pragyan saw students and professionals from over 60 countries participating in various events.


Apart from various events, Pragyan involves an amazing array of Workshops where students can learn about cutting edge technologies. The topics in the past editions have varied from Process Simulation using Aspen Hysis and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt used for process improvement, to Stock Market and Financial Planning and a lot more.


Infotainment shows of Pragyan provide a fitting end to each day, incorporating art and technology in unprecedented ways and stimulating inquisitiveness among the audience. Pragyan also hosts a lot of outreach events like 'Square One', 'Pragyan Hackathon', etc. This way, Pragyan is able to take the show on the road and give neighbouring states a glimpse of what the grand fest is like. Inter and intra-collegiate hardware hackathons, namely 'Sangam' and 'Ingenium' are also organized as a part of the spectacle. Students work tirelessly to showcase their ideas and projects for which it stands as a platform. 


The Social Responsibility wing of Pragyan constantly undertakes a lot of initiatives both inside and outside the campus. A Campus Development Week was observed, which provided a free workshop and various awareness programs to boost the morale of students. Pragyan also launched programs like 'Dhisai' and 'Catalyst'. Dhisai aims to educate school children about JEE, and the opportunities that it brings along with it. Catalyst, on the other hand, is an initiative to impart basic science, math and English to school children. With initiatives like this and others, Pragyan is embodying an example like none other.


Pragyan 2020 is set to happen from March 12 to 15, with 'Pixel' as the theme for this year. Set to take participants on an enlightening ride through recent technology, it attracts students and corporates alike, and is one of the most anticipated technical fests in India!


To learn more about us, visit the official website, the Facebook handle, the YouTube Channel, and the Pragyan Blog.