The firmness of the nation depends on how deep-rooted its culture is. AAYAAM - The Hindi Cell of NITT has been nourishing and strengthening these roots since 2004-05 when Hemant Kumar, Anirudh Roy, and Rahul Gadewadikar brought up the idea of establishing it as the Hindi Literary and Cultural Society of National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli.

AAYAAM provides an open platform to the people who are willing to contribute to Hindi Literature. This literary group was the first of its kind in Tamil Nadu and the whole of South India, where Hindi is not widely spoken. The motive behind establishing Aayaam was to promote the love for Hindi in Trichy in general and NIT Trichy in particular. This Student's Society aims at keeping the elegance of the national language, Hindi, blossoming in NITT.

AAYAAM acts as one family where the members connect with their love for Hindi culture and Traditions and to promote the same various competitions and events are conducted on a mass scale by them. The members are brimming with confidence as they organize the Hindi literary competitions at the inter-college and intra-college Levels where they provide a platform for those who admire Hindi literature and want to bring forward their creativity in story writing, poem composition, or any form of composition in Hindi. Apart from focusing on Hindi Literature celebration for various cultural Festivals like Holi, Hindi Diwas, Navratri, Diwali, Rashtriya Ekta Diwas, and many more are organized by AAYAAM.

Activities of Aayaam

  • Umang - Hindi Week
  • Hindi Literary Competitions at Festember, Nittfest and Aaveg
  • Dandiya Night
  • Hindi Learning Classes
  • Holi Hungama
  • NITT's annual Hindi magazine "Pratibimb"
  • Kavya Sandhya

Aayaam's website is the perfect platform to showcase one's Hindi literary talent and interact with similar people. On the other hand, it'll prove as the space for the Hindi lovers to read the creations of the budding talents as well as other interesting articles. Once in full swing, it can become a networking site for all Hindi lovers.

Such a forum will be one of its kind in the "world wide web" which will not only promote Hindi but also social causes in its way. The write-ups put up on the website might be an eye-opening experience for many.

Aayaam’s Website: https://www.aayaamnitt.club/